10 to 10.5 rule?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hungrydude5, Oct 10, 2008.

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    When I was trained back in March, we had a class lesson on the 10,14, and 60 hour rules. I only drive on Saturdays, and work nights on the local sort during the week. Kinda sucks only driving once a week and on my day off, but anyways. I made sure that everyone knew I'm gone at 9pm to get a 7am start on Saturday, didn't care what my fellow workers thought if we were not done and I just left, and I still don't care but that's another story about them worrying about others instead of the work in front of them. And I even came in at 7:15am to make sure there was a nice little cushion just in case. Well, apparantly the Saturday :censored2: OMS screwed timecards up and showed we only had 8 hours of rest period between work and now we have to wait 10 in a half hours to start driving, actually they don't even want us clocked in as inside building in the board to sort and get ready to go since saturdays have to be off by 12, so you want to GO. They claim without giving me any writing or paper or anything that this is a new DOT rule. Is there truth to this? DOT changed the 10 hour rule to the 10.5 rest period rule?
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    Nope,10 off. You don`t even need to rest. Spend your time down at the strip club and roll in 10 hours later,alcohol free,and your good to go. The other hour limits won`t apply until you drive more.
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    Thaaaaaaaaaats what I thought. I knew they're just trying to cover their asses for their screw up's with our timecards. I'll wait until 10.5 tomorrow, roughly 730am and then Monday I'm going to do some investigating in this a little more, like contacting the guy who actually trained me in New Stanton back in March. Speaking of driving on Saturdays, it's 20 til midnight and I have to be up at 530! I miiiiiiiiiiight go to bed :wink2:
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    Heck I did Sat for 20 Yrs, mostly on 3-4 hrs sleep if that.
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    :happy-very: Usually I only do get 3 hours of sleep, after working for a night I'm too vamped up to lay down and sleep, I still need to eat, shower, relax a little bit catch up on news etc. And the fact I just can't get to sleep after working 6 to 10 and then a 40 minute drive home. When I do get to sleep and wake up on a saturday at 530, i feel like :knockedout: