10-year-old crushed by semi truck on West Side

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    10-year-old crushed by semi truck on West Side - Chicago Sun Times

    A 10-year-old boy attempting to cross under the trailer of a UPS semi truck with three other children was run over and killed by the truck’s wheels Thursday evening on the West Side.
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    That is just so sad, but kids are terribly ignorant and , and sneaky. I knew not to screw with traffic, and trains, etc, when I was a kid of 4. Obviously they were never taught, the rest will learn from this lesson. I hope the driver is not cited, and prayers to the family of the driver and the child.
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    I can`t see the driver being cited especially when the kids admitted to the police they cut under the truck. The driver will most likely be fired,have to fight to get his job back,and then decided if he wants to come back at all. I don`t know this driver off the top of my head but with 378 drivers there are many I know by face only,by name only,and some not at all. From the way he was talked about by other drivers yesterday he is highly respected by both drivers and mgmt,a 30+ year veteran,and had a good safe driving record. The death of this kid and the hell this driver will go through is not resting lightly on us at the Cach.
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    I will bet not. Killing a child would be a terror to recover from. You try and try to look out for the ignorant of all ages, sometimes its not enough. Its sad you, your center and the driver has to have his career marred this way. I dont know W chicago, but by your name, Ive heard of Cache, not being the greatest place to work and not from you but, to be Pc, is it inner city where kids raise themselves?
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    The place where this happened is on the west side of Chicago and is not the nicest of neighborhoods. Why a group of 10 year olds were out on the streets alone is something their parents can only answer. While I was leaving today there was discussion amongst several drivers as to who was going to go and make the pickup the driver was leaving the previous day when the accident occurred. The where talking about doing it only with a police escort because of fears of retaliation from the neighborhood.
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    As I feared, the innocent will be the victims. I wouldnt do it without an escort. Somehow the mentality that a guy doing his job is at fault for parents who didnt do theirs.
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    I can see 10 year olds playing in front of your house on a side street. But these kids were on a major main street in chicago. Witnesses on the news said that the driver was slowing down and could not have seen it coming. These kids are just to quick even by the methods its 8 seconds before you get back to that mirror. 8 seconds in kids talk is an eternity.

    Today on the news it stated that they driver would not be charged. I hope he gets the counseling he needs, last night they showed him on the news and he wasnt doing good. Now this child has lost his life, this driver is scared for life and were the @#$%# were the parents?
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    Exactly 705red. Now a poor guy obviously distraught over it regardless of charged or not has to live with it. What a way to end a career. Doing the woulda, shoulda, coulda, even tho what you said is correct, he probably did everything right. While it is so sad to see a childs life end, too young and dumb, oblivious to his surroundings, the ones left behind pay dearly.
    Now our driver has to worry he will be targeted, he will most likely be too traumatized to do it any more. And every driver in that area, is a target. And how long if ever will UPS send back up, or how long will the police escort? Not long enough. So sad in so many ways.
  9. 705red

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    Thats not to far away from our hall, i will bring some flowers to the site and will encourage others to do the same. Show the community that we are feeling their grief. If they have a problem with what happened take it up with mom or dad, not the next ups driver who drives through.
  10. MR_Vengeance

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    The only person at fault was the ADULT that wasn't there to accompany the children.
  11. over9five

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    Now it remains to be seen how UPS will handle this.

    Will they support the driver who did nothing wrong?

    Or will they fire him because policy says they must in a fatal event?
  12. 705red

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    He has not been fired as of today. But if it happens i will post about it.
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    No amount of looking in the mirror may have saved this from happening. Even if the driver saw a group of kids by the street he'd have had no way of knowing they were going to dart under his wheels.

    I feel terrible for this driver who has so many years of safe driving under his belt. I hope he can overcome any guilt he must have. Also glad for him that he has so many years behind him and can look forward to a comfortable retirement when the time comes.

    Feel very bad for the family and friends of this child. Many kids are just plain fearless and will take risks just for the fun of it. Sad situation all the way around.
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    never a easy day in the life of a driver space and visibility rules rule#4 "leave yourself an out" "be prepared- expect the unexpected" teamsters help save or brothers job and be there in this time of need local 104