10 Years 10/2013: I should be excited, right?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by mstolls0501, Dec 26, 2012.

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    It will be 10 years since I became a UPSer back in 2003. I work with the UPS Supply Chain group specializing in Healthcare Operations. I enjoy the mantra of UPS and the idea of it being people oriented, but I'm not feeling as though our local operation participates in that ideal.

    I previously worked in Program Management (UPS Brown); but in the last 3 years, I have been reporting to local management. I am considered a Financial Analyst with a side responsibility in managing our call center PBX and telecom.

    I'm frustrated. No other way to really put it. I feel that the opportunity is there for me to excel, but I feel as though I'm hindered by my management team. I find myself losing motivation to do nothing but the bare minimum for the operation, but feel guilty not accomplishing what I know I can for UPS.

    My post is to put out a request for understanding what opportunity lies outside of Supply Chain. I really don't want to leave UPS, but I'm finding myself becoming more and more intolerant of the treatment of my efforts.

    Our office is being stifled by "house rules" that make no sense. Human Resources has absolutely no knowledge or power. We boast flexible employment and the ability to engage our teams in development plans but we are sadly lacking that initiative in my office. Please help me. I want to stay at UPS and can provide references within the company to attest to my work ethic.
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    "You get what you give," doesn't apply? I'm shocked!
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    I have been networking my behind off trying to get into a different area of UPS so that I don't have to leave. I check UPSers almost daily.

    I think I could rock some brown shorts, if given the opportunity. But is the grass greener? Please give me some hope.
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    It's like that in every division on every level. Moving within the company will only get you a same serving of the same recipe in a different bowl.
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    Is than an Obama sign? One way over the cliff? Hope I dont screw up the next 4...like the last 4??
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    My experience showed me I wasted the best yrs of my life chasing the brass ring. Where you are, you are only as good as someone who will put you forth to excel. Most times you are helping them excel. So you will be left in their dust, and you get older. Not trying to be cynical. If you are young, move on. Ive heard it depends where you are, dont waste your youth waiting, look elsewhere.
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    I appreciate the feedback, everyone! I'm meeting with Human Resources today. What do I have to lose, right? Going to try a different channel as I continue to search for a better opportunity (whether it be within or outside of UPS).
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    We might have a package car position ready to open up for you,
    he has 30 years service last day is 2/1/2013
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    What is the location, littleboybrown? I'm in Delaware/Maryland area.
  11. This is good advice. You always hear that cream rises to the top. But at UPS it's mostly the turds that float. If you work in an area with bad management you are doomed. By the time you realize it on your own its too late. I wish I got out many years before I did.
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    The grass is always greener on the other side! As long as you don't look down!