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  1. Leftinbuilding

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    Per hall, the Teamsters Business Agents unanimously endorsed the new contract.
  2. 30andout

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    Baaaaa, lets all follow what they say like a bunch of sheep.
  3. loserupser

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    Who the hell is hall to decide for me. He is not in the same shoes as me!
    He is not affected by the contract we are!!
    Hope EVERYONE reads the proposed contract and makes a well informed decision!!
  4. pkg-king

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    what's next....drink some of this kool-aid and it will all get better
  5. 25yrvet

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    I hope everyone will make an informed decision, by reading what's in the actual proposal & not the rumor mill.

    After I said that, I have to say that hall & others that recommended the contract were in the room while negotiations were going on. They would be the best ones to measure the attitude of the company....IE--proceed, walk away, or agree.

    The company started $ negotiations by offering 6.1 Billion in the CS, this comes outta the company's pocket in addition to raises offered. Health care is skyrocketing for everyone paying for it. Decent raises, no changes to H/C Costs & an emphasis to reinstate early retirement (which was a top priority of those members filling out the pre-negotiation survey!).

    90% sure I will vote yes :thumbup1:
  6. DS

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  7. 25yrvet

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    What do you mean by HUH ???

    Ask me a ??

    I haven't read the 'fine print'
  8. 705red

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    Your right 6.i billion is a huge buy out, but how much would ups pay into that same fund over the 5 years? You will be shocked when you look into it. Ups actually saves money over the 5 years.
  9. Braveheart

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    You mention no increase in health care costs? The same people who told us this was the "Best Contract Ever" are bragging again? One year into this contract our co-pays doubled, our deductables doubled, our out of pocket for RX went from 20% to 25%, and we pay 20% of many many medical costs up to a $1,000 cap before they go back to 100% coverage like they used to be all along in the first place!!!!!!! AND RETIRE HEALTH CARE PREMIUMS THAT WERE LEVELED AT DEFINED FIGURES SKYROCKETED!
  10. satellitedriver

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    And, save CS from take over from ERISA in those 5 years.
    How many pensions of Upsers that retire next year in CS will be saved?
    I want UPS to save money, so it will be able to meet their financial commitments in the future.
    Unlike, the teamsters/CS money management, as proven in the past.
    I am shocked that anyone would promote the reverse argument of the old tale,
    "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush."
  11. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Talk to the people that control the plan you are in.
    UPS doesn't control it. They only fund it.
  12. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Why is the weekly contribution to the new sep about half of the old contributions? How can new csers get close to 3000 a month for 30 years at those numbers?
  13. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    I guess it's that ole' fuzzy math thing you do not understand.
    CS promised that amount a decade ago,then took it away.
    Maybe, 6.1 billion dollars ,with compounding interest, will cover the shortfall.

    NWUPSER Guest

    Don't the central states get helped out in two ways?

    1. 6.1 bil lump payment

    2. All UPSers are moved into a new plan that UPS funds

    So the is more money and less people drawing since they won't be paying for UPSERS anymore.
  15. tmaterman

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    Looks like UPS will re-coup the 6.1 billion by making the p/t wait for a year for insurance and the increase from 2 to 3 years on progression. Also splitting the raises will save them a ton of money through peak season. It may cost them 6.1 billion, but I bet they make it back within the first 2 years.
  16. canecorso

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    Then let hall live with it....him and Hoffa

  17. you better read it over again!
  18. local804

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    I second that motion!

  19. if theres anything you should have learned thru the years working for ups , is senior drs. should lead the younger drs., just like they do in police , fireman and teacher unions and so on. anyone who accepts a contract for only their benefit is selfish! just because you vote no does not mean a strike !!! it means they go back the table and get it right and the membership agrees to it!!! remember all the chaos when the benefits and pensions were being cut!!

    when electric ,gas, or what goes up , they do not say give me 1/2 now and the other 1/2, 6 monthes later and ups always wants there shipping bills paid in full, too or suspends their acc'ts!:thumbup1:
  20. agree!:thumbup1: