$1000 Bonus For Local 89

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bubblehead, May 29, 2013.

  1. Bubblehead

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    There is a rumor swirling that Local 89 UPS employees will now receive $20 a week for a year bonus if the TA and their supplements are ratified.
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    No rumor, it's legit
  3. anonymous6

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    that's a new LOW!
  4. Delivered

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    Sounds like harassment is going through the roof in Louisville....

    Attention Local 89 Teamsters:
    Teamsters Local 89 is getting a high volume of reports stating UPS management is harassing employees regarding the proposed contract(s). If you have experienced possibly illegal actions by UPS supervisors, please call: Teamsters Local 89’s - UPS Management Harassment Hotline:

    502-368-5885 ext. 120

    Please leave your name, number, and work area as well as a short description of the offense and supervisor.

    Management is attempting to intimidate young workers into voting to accept this harmful, substandard contract. Teamsters Local 89 strongly denounces these tactics of intimidation by UPS Management.
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    Really? I gotta tell ya, our managers and sups have not mentioned one peep. They actually asked us what was going on while negotiations were in play. I seriously find this hard to believe. But if you say so, we should see the fall out. Correct?
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  7. rpoz11

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    Propoganda push

    There is nothing to it

    If anything its the company trying to BUY your yes vote.


    Why would they offfer anything for a Yes Vote???

    Think about it
  8. realbrown1

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    Because they are worried that this TA is going down. Because local 89 has alot of PTers that make little money and they think that $1000 might be able to sway alot of yes votes from them.
    From what I am reading about this bribe, it will backfire.
  9. Newfire

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    Remember back when we got a bonus every year and a turkey and a pat on the back, I sure do but that's been a long time ago. Now it's go go go what else can you do RIGHT NOW HURRY!!! Guess what else we are getting in the new contract? How about a break in seniority and terminated for reaching MMI ( maximun medical improvement ) from an ON or OFF job injury or illness yep that's right just read the agreement article 3 section 3 part (e). Get hurt reach MMI it's game over!
  10. Evil

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    The Local 89 Rider will get voted down and hold back the NM agreement.
  11. stink219

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    Is this a new rule your making up right now?
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    They didn't have enough time to sell the yes votes, now they have to re-vote. Lol

    Teamsters Local 89

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    The company has not met the members needs in the last best and final offer for the air district supplement. They have not fixed the shuttle problems, they have offerred an unacceptable number of full time jobs. They have not fixed our problems with subcontracting, they have not allowed part timers to have their cell phones. The company is insulting us by trying to buy this contract with a bonus.
    Tell the company that you can not be bought.
    VOTE NO!!!!!!!!
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    We get it.