11 years in, I'm out now and retirement benefits.

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    Hello everyone one. Neat site.

    Ok, in 1992, I started UPS part time as a floor sweeper. I was part of local 964 but of course under teamsters bargain unit. I swept floor for 3 year part time and then I went full time. I swept for another 4 full time.

    I was offered a full time driver position due to UPS screwing up my top rate for the past 4 years of full time floor sweeping and they threatened to reduce my pay by almost 8 dollars. They did not try to get back wages THANK GOD!

    I went driving and actually got a pay raise out of it. I drove for another 4 years. In 2000, I had injured my back to the point of taking off a year and then settling out. They paid a small PI and I was done with UPS. Since then, I have completed my masters in Social work and I could say that I REALLY ENJOY MY CAREER! It worked out for the best.

    Now, I want to find out where I can get my retirement information so I have it and at least aware of what I can expect as retirement payment.

    Partime=3 years
    Fulltime=8 years

    Im in Cleveland Ohio. I believe its Central States.


  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am glad things worked out well for you after your injury and extended down time. BTW, what does PI stand for? As for information on your retirement, I would check with your local.
  3. HazMatMan

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    You may have to wait until you are 62 to collect, if you collect anything.
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  5. hyperjoe

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    I remember a few years back getting something stating that when I retire, I can get $600 a month. So...
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    The 3 years you where part time You won't get anything it takes 5 years to vest. As for your fulltime contact your local but you have to be 62 to collect.....
  7. scratch

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    I noticed you said you were in Central States and haven't worked this year. That probably means you aren't on the new Teamsters/UPS Pension Plan. I hope you get the $600 a month, but you need to have a backup plan.
  8. New Englander

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    Those three years count. They credit towards his overall time, at a part-time rate.

    He went well past 5 years total.
  9. JustTired

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    You might have to contact Central States as stated above.

    But I would first contact the UPS/IBT Employee Pension Plan. They are very helpful and would get you on the right track.
    The number is 1-800-643-4442.

    Just explain your situation as you did above and I'm sure they can help. Good Luck!
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    I'm not altogether sure how popular this is going to be, but here goes.
    I don't think a guy who follows a broom around all day deserves the same pay and benefits as a actual hub worker. I also don't like the fact that he will receive a pension for that. And people wonder why our plan is going broke.
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    You are incorrect..Part time pensions are a company held pension. Full time pensions are union held you can't combine the two. He will only get the full time pension, he didn't do the 5 years it takes to vest in the part time pension. Check your contract next time!!!!
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    Doesn't matter if it's popular or not, you have a right to post opinions on here just like the next guy. What I don't like is people who bash because they "disagree" with you. Back to the subject, not sure what kind of job he had at UPS, I know union porters at my building make like 25 cents less than a driver does. I still think he has to wait until 62 years of age to collect. Could you just imagine paying people as soon as they leave UPS after say 5 years, 10 years, 15 years?
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    I personally agree with you. I feel the same way about a full time hub person, verses a full time driver. I am a driver, and think I deserve more. With that being said, what matters is what it states in the pension/contract for that specific job. If he/she agrees to perform the job for said benefits, then they deserve them.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'm not sure that makes any sense what so ever but I aint mad at ya. :)

    A job is a job right?
  15. JonFrum

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    No one receives a pension for pushing a broom all day, or for any other specific job. Pensions are paid to those who have contributed their own money into the fund for the required number of hours and years. Pensioners have earned their pension by forgoing higher wages and instead sending that money to the pension fund. Pension contributions are "in lieu of wages." A pension fund is like a "group" 401(k).

    According to ERISA all members of a bargaining unit must contribute at the same hourly rate if they are in the same plan. That's the Law. If your plan is "going broke," it's not because it is paying pensions to those who bought and paid for them.

    Incidentally, as someone who sweeps trailers for a half hour a day, be advised that I do it quickly and well. I find service failures, UPS billing copies, and remove package strapping and other trash that are tripping hazards. This saves UPS money. It's not rocket science, but it's honest work. It's also contractually required. Have you ever worked in a dusty, trashy trailer that no one swept out?
  16. rod

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    I was always amazed at the amount of hardware that I found in the bottom of the trailers (in my early years). A person could open up their own nut and bolt store if you saved it all. Management didn't want it turned in (after collecting a 2 lb coffee can full) so I claimed it. To this day I'm still using nuts, bolts and washers from my stash.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There is nothing wrong with good, honest, hard work, and we should all remember that the roles could easily be reversed and we could be the ones pushing the broom while he drives the pkg car. One is no better than the other much the same as no person is better than another.

    I'm sure we have all had jobs that may have seemed to be less than desirable in our lives. I know I did. I worked in a Christmas bulb factory during the summer while I was going to college. 12 hour days doing whatever crap job that needed to be done as I was the low man on the totem pole. I couldn't wait to go back to school and to this day, whenever I am having a bad day and hate my job, I think back to this job and realize I've got it pretty good.

    Hyperjoe fully deserves his pension and retirement and I wish him nothing but the best.
  18. pkg-king

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    So your saying that if I worked as a preloader for 4 years then went driving fulltime for 25 and retire, I wouldn't get any pension benefit from the company for those 4 years I worked part-time? Doesn't sound right to me.
  19. dragracer66

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    It is right, I deal with it alot being a steward. Here's one senario... I had a oil and water guy work 4 years and 5 months part time, he went on as a full time mechanic he spent just 4 years as a mechanic before he got fired for stealing time. You know what he gets for a pension??? Notta he wasn't vested in either job title the only thing he carried over from his part time date was his vacations that's it. Does it suck,yea but it's right as per the contract and the company's pension guide lines.....
  20. DS

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    This could spawn an interesting thread...
    "places that I've worked"
    I learned early in life that being in a factory looking at the clock every 10 minutes was not for me,It was a long road before I found I loved driving.
    Maybe "how much better ups is than my old job" would be a better title...Hyperjoe fully deserves his pension and retirement and I wish him nothing but the best also.