13 hours on New Years Eve

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    The peak day for our building was New Years Eve. We shattered the record for the total number of packages sorted and delivered. We had a weeklong backlog of undelivered Xmas packages due to the record snowfall, a total of 28 retain trailers full of service failures lined up in the employee parking lot. UPS pulled out all the stops to get them delivered by New Years Eve.

    They wound up running what they called a "B" sort...they started preload at 11:00 the night before and had a full peak season lineup of cars, which maxed out our available park positions. They then called in an additonal 45 drivers from Portland, Albany and Salem who clocked in at their home buildings and drove empty pkg cars out to us in Tualatin. These drivers waited outside in the parking lot. Once the "A" sort was done, all 257 of our routes pulled out, the 45 extra cars backed in to our vacated parking spots and they started the whole process again with a "B" sort. Those guys didnt get wrapped until after 10:30, but they were able to get all the trailers unloaded and most of the packages delivered.

    I set a personal record for number of pieces and number of stops delivered. I made my last delivery at 9:46 PM, and clocked out at 10:30. I went home, ate a piece of pizza, and fell asleep on the couch. My wife woke me up two minutes before midnight so we could watch the ball come down and toast the New Year with a glass of non-alcoholic sparkling cider. 5 minutes later I was alseep again.

    Happy New Year!
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    Well it sounded like it's been a huge mess and taking time to get back to normal? Here in Seattle is still a mess but I've seen a lot of package car driver are working overtime till 10 PM or 11 PM then would be allowed to be going home for the night. Still a lot of volume of service failures out there so it should be completely out delivered next week on monday or tuesday at least. Even though customers still comes up here and demanded their package and even still get their package late at night. A lot of kids are crying because of this and customers are still angered and they don't know if they will ever want to do business with UPS again? Trust are hard to forgive.
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    Most people have fairly short memories and this too will be a distant one before long.

    Sober, it sounds as though you are your co-workers went above and beyond and I'm sure you are glad that it is just about over.

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    I couldn't tell from your post what your tone is.

    Are you upset?
    Are you proud of that day's accomplishment, especially with that 2nd swarm of drivers?
    Are you just tired?

    Just thinking of how that day was managed is incredible. It actually sounds like Upper management had a great plan to help the center out.

    Trust me, not one of us drivers anywhere wants to go through a peak like yours. Snow is second nature in the Northeast and the state,towns,and citizens are ready at the drop of a hat to clear roads and driveways.

    PS - I'd worry about that sleeping volcano - Mt. Rainier blowing up before your state is unprepared for snowfall again.
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    Be thankful u have a job. I tell the younger drivers all the time, being a ups driver always expect the unecpected. Never make dinner plans, never be a coach, never plan things during holidays. You will have a good memory of your new years eve night. Happy new year`~`
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    I disagree. Make the job your own. Use the contract to have a life. You can have 8 hour requests and demand less that 9.5 hours of work.

    This is just a job. Yes it pays well and has good benefits but it's not worth sacrificing your life for. As you drive around delivering, look at all the nice houses. They don't work for UPS.

    Continue to educate yourself and create as many options as you can. Use your rights under the contract and enjoy life while doing a good job.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    When something like this happens you wish for days customers were unable to track packages and get real time status. I can't stand getting in a rhythm,then having a customer wanting you to explain why the package was so late.
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    Nice, I just woke up to a few more inches of snow... And On monday I'm going blind on one of the most trecherous ECD routes we have.

    Stay safe out there. I know what you are going through.
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    When people run the risk of ordering Christmas gifts online late in the year, they have no reason to complain when weather troubles hit an area and prevent the package from being delivered. There are a number of hilly areas around Seattle that would make driving in snow and ice treacherous: not to mention the lack of experience most Seattle drivers would have in those conditions. I think they did the best they could do to prevent injuries and get the job completed.
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    Hat's off to you, your fellow workers and UPS, sober. You guys all came together when you needed to, taking the situation by the reins and getting the job done. You guys probably won't be back to "normal" for a couple of weeks, but at least you can see some light at the end of that tunnel. Hope you get some rest this weekend, Happy New Year.
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    All of the above.

    Believe it or not, I am not blaming management on this one. Yes, there are some decisions they made that were wrong but for the most part they did the best they could with what they had. Running the "B" sort was unprecedented---it has never happened before---but given the physical limitations of our facility in terms of parking it was the best choice and it worked pretty well. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish under what were some of the worst conditions in recorded history in these parts. And yes, I am TIRED. But most of all, I'm glad its over. We are for the most part cleaned up...and my heart goes out to you guys up in WA, particularly Spokane and Seattle, who are still buried. Hang in there.
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    Hi Sober...

    good thing I selected vacation last week! Since I'm in Tualatin too, it was nice to here that things will be better on Monday...

    New Years eve, 3 different trucks passed my house... the last one @ 8:42pm.

    Next year, the first week in Jan is on my vacation selection...again!:happy-very:
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    I feel good sometimes about going the extra mile and making customers happy. It used to be a SOMETIMES thing.

    last 3-4 yrs it has been an ALL OF THE TIME thing.

    I agree with the poster that says to live your life. not a UPS life. you'll be sorry.