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    Went to one of my office buildings and front desk had a box someone left. Ok, I have a hand truck of delivery pkgs and i'm not gonna start a bad habit of everyone leaving their pkgs to be picked up. So as I had a del for the company who left pkg I told them they really need to call these in. They said they tried but the 800 agent talked them out of it stating there would be a driver in the area..??? Really? And the pu drivers are starting later every week..etc.. Some service huh?
  2. hypo hanna

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    Is there a drop box in that building?
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are bitching about the 1-800# yet can't get off your lazy ass and pick up outbound packages which are sitting right there?
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    A package right there ready to go and you b itch that they need to call them in? What a joke grab it on your way out.
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    We make money for oncall pickups per pkg. This was a box. I assume you would turn it into a new service center? I did take it on way out. Customer saved $6.50. This aint ground, we have definite commitments. The point, is having customer service turn down pickup requests. I had not heard of that. Carry on.
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    I took a look at your postings to try and see what I was dealing with. You should look too. There might be an opportunity for personal growth. I noticed you like to use the word "giggle" in many posts. Your either very young or a woman. Still not sure.
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    Customer service means a lot more than $6.50. Just sayin'.

    BTW, I had a customer hand me an Express package yesterday. I took it and put it in to the nearest drop box. Did I have to take it? No but I took care of the customer and ultimately that's all that really matters.
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    Good points
  9. northbound

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    Giggle because a lot if the posts on here are laughable
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    That doesn't make much sense. The $6.50 would still be charged to the shipper number, wouldn't it? I'm sure customer service isn't giving that money away.
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    If a customer hands me a package, I will ask dispatch for a walk up PUP. I will then change it to "regular" instead of "on call" at the prompt. I have no idea if they still get billed for the on call, but hope they wouldn't.
  12. hypo hanna

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    If you scanned it as a regular it won't get the charge. As for you guys dissing him for wanted the pickup scheduled, you have to realize how much us express drivers a tormented over making numbers.

    Customers should be strongly encouraged to call in their pickups for lots of reasons besides the drivers numbers. We have a better idea of pieces, weight, dims and service so we send the correct truck and there is a record of the dispatch.

    ​Im trying to figure out why the call center said what they did. Was there a service delay that day? Was it past cutoff for that zip?
  13. Operational needs

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    I understand what you're saying, and agree with you to a point, but if we don't service our customers, UPS or Ground would be more than happy to. Personally, I don't feel we should ever leave a package behind unless it's improperly packaged or lacking paperwork. That's the best way to make sure none of us have jobs eventually.
  14. I've seen Ground packages sit out for months.
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    "Haloooo!! Help you please, may I? My name is Sanjit and I will be happily assisting you today in your very successful and prosperous transaction with FedEx!! You can be quite assured that at least 5 or 6 of our drivers will be stopping at your business establishment today in order to serve your every shipping need!! At least one of them will be quite happy to accept your extremely important shipment and send it on it's way to it's very important recipient!!"

    "Therefore, however, and whatever, THERE IS NO NEED TO CALL US FOR PICKUP SERVICE ever again!! Thanks for choosing FedEx, the world leader in shipping services!! May you have a very happy day and may all of your curries be delicious, wholesome, and satisfyingly spicy".
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    So you take the pkg, get a walk up from dispatch and scan the pkg. But you also try and educate the customer why they need to call it in. First time I give them a gentle heads up. Second time a less gentle reminder. Third time I leave it behind. Too much pressure to hit numbers now to be all touchy feely with customers. This is FedEx not Federal Express.
  17. DontThrowPackages

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    Happens a lot with us. I'll have a late afternoon delivery and the customer will look at me with big eyes. "OH OH OH can you take this one?. I called and they said the driver had left the area". I grabbed it and sent a msg to dispatch to send me a dads for a walk up PUP. I Get credit for a stop and the customer is charged for the pup. win win.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    With UPS if the customer hands you a prepaid package they are not charged a pickup fee.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Most of Express packages are not prepaid.
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    Ok, this is a aa area. This is a 10 story office building. There is a dropbox down stairs. We have Pickup drivers that will service this DB and pickup area. Can you imagine if every call from this building is told not to schedule a pu. The amount of pkgs that will be left at the frt dsk to be picked up as i casually stroll in at 1000 am with 15 dels left in 3 more buildings before 10:30 am. Did some of these people actually call? Will there be a pickup driver coming anyway? Do I have the time to send a msg to dispatch? ... "picked up abc comp such n such add"..dispatcher "I dont see that one?..heres a walk up". 3 h o u r s laterrrr. PM driver.."Hi, im here for a pu for carol." "Oh a driver already picked it up." What did we save? Eventually the pickup area will be squeezed down and pu driver hours will be decreased. How do I know? 29 years of experience in a fedex truck. So continue to enlighten me....oh wise giggling ones.