1997 The Strike!!!

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    In 1997 we went on strike, I was still a part timer, we walked out and did our thing. Out for 21 days, we won, we won our 22.3 jobs, it's been hard pay has been wrong, different pay classifications etc... but we had the jobs, now 10 years later a NEW contract, and we got {******}, no new 22.3 jobs...give me a {******} break, less money {******} you....we are supposed negoiate for MORE NOT LESS!!!! I am sick, vote yes vote no it won't matter this will pass....hoffa sucks {******}, he gave UPS a sweethart deal, have the balls to admit it. We (705) follow national we always have, this will pass too, enjoy it friends...this is the beginning of the end, I need 10 more years, then I am gone, I will be young enough to do something else, if Im not crazy or dead from the stress. We need to hold them (HOFFA and HALL) accountable for this {******}contract....
    by the way this is my opionion....:mad:

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    I agree with you that this contract sucks!! But I am voting NO!!! If we educate the masses about all that we did not get, all that we are giving away, and all the loopholes in this contract maybe we can send them back to the table.

    Remember, they said we would never go on strike and yet we did!!!
    That 97 contract gave us innocent until proven guilty too!!!!
    UPS said they could not afford what all we were asking for yet after the strike they ended up giving us almost every single thing we were asking for!!!!!!

    UPS made $1.1 billion dollars of pure profit in 1996. Despite having to cave in to all of our demands of the 97 strike UPS is making $4 billion dollars a year in profit!

    That is about a 400% increase in profit!!!!!!!!

    VOTE NO!!!!!!
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    Real classy Canecorso. And so articulate too. Get a life.
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    Anytime, anyplace...we can meet. You must be a supervisor..that or a kiss ass which one you punk. I work in Palatine, IL, we can spar whenever you want. I will teach you how UPS has been treating me and our rank and file, choose!
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    i thought they couldnt pass anything without a certain number of yes votes. i am voting no because of the subcontracting,etc"

    "Now who's being naive, Kay?" (from The Godfather)
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    You little runt, I've dealt with your kind for years. Your attempt at intimidation won't work here. And as far as you teaching me anything, I have forgotten more than you'll ever know.
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    sorry ive never seen (the godfather)

    BUSCRUNCHER New Member

    UPS is not a giving company, if it could take more from you and get away with it they would. But the one thing they cannot afford is another strike that lasts any length of time. For that could give FedEx and DHL allot of customers that UPS cannot really afford to loose revenue that UPS would not so easily be able to recover. So if you dont like what is in the NEW CONTRACT vote NO and let the talks start again.
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    How can you have never seen The Godfather? I thought seeing that movie was a law or something.
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    Not to change the subject or anything but i havent seen any of them either... :w00t:
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    Runt, lol thats funny my friend FYI I am 6'3 230 with my bf12% and yes I juice...goto afboard.com check me out there...runt not only would I crush you I could do it with one hand you punk. Like I said anytime anyplace we can spar, lets do it....everything is better when you settle it it the ring. I am guessing one of two things either your a short little man with a complex or your a fat sloppy pig...either way I don'y give a F. what you think you have forgotten. Admit it your a supervisor...I know your kind. What local are you? I am not afraid I am Local 705. I work in Palatine, IL......YOU?
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    Perfect quote, PERFECT! That is so true, according to the master by-laws no member (rank and file) can be there during the tally, I am talking about the National contract. Hoffa and Hall put their stamp on this, if everyone on here voted no, everyone of your co-workers voted no, you really think they would go back and renegoiate? They will not, this contract will pass, and in my local it will too, we just have to take it. Our local has a meeting on the 21st of October to discuss it, my guess is alot of hot air will be fying around, don't get me wrong our BA's and our sec-treasurer...is the BEST, but what is/can he say we will go on strike while the rest of the nation works....Face it, what Hoffa wants he gets, like father like son, it is what it is. Anyways I am still voting NO!
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    Way out of line here brother. You have to agree to disagree, just because you believe your right does not mean that he is wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, if ou reallt feel like sparing im out of 705 and much closer to you.
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    Id have to agree with canecorso, hoffa is selling us out (period).
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    Really, I do agree to disagree, this guy is a supervisor. Lets do it!!!:thumbup1:
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    You and Red aren't doing anything to raise my opinion of Chicago in general OR the Teamsters. Might want to consider that before you decide to continue this 'tough guy' talk on the Board. -Rocky
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    Rocky, this is why everything is screwed up the members fight, but without the "fight" in us, we become lambs slaughted by the wolves (UPS) Chicago's Local 705 is doing the best they can, our BA's and the higher up's are great they go to bat for us, the problem is UPS as a whole, they train their sups to work, when we grieve them it takes months to get paid, in the meantime there is a gigantic X on the back of the steward as usual and the person who files. It's to the point now where 95%of our members won't file for fear of retribution. With the exception of feeder, once you get in there you pretty much set till retirement they really don't screw with them. Everyone else esp. part timers and 22.3's are in BIG trouble!!!
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    UPS has a responsibility to make SERVICE on packages. If that means a supe works, hey, tough *****! As to filing on supe's working, I never did it. I wasn't afraid of the retribution, I just didn't have a reason to file. I would have filed if a supe was working to p*ss me off, was causing a safety hazard by working (2-1 on the Primary) OR was working enough that he/she should have had an hourly working--doubleshifter, etc. I never caught a supe working this much but I'm sure it happened. A few weeks ago, a supe started working just because he could. I didn't like that. I yelled, "Hey, X!! WHY ARE YOU WORKING!?!!" He whirled in SHOCK, looked at me and said, "Are you talking to me?" I smiled and answered, "That's right. WHY are you working?!!?" His shoulders slumped slightly and he walked out of the trailer, talking on his radio as he did. I don't think his boss was particularly happy.

    And you miss my point about the 'tough guy' routine, Mr. Palatine. I worked at Addison a couple a years ago. -Rocky
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    When sups work they are taking away hours from part timers, who only maybe get 4, if they didn't work maybe they could get 5, maybe even OT. In Palatine, preload they all work one point or another.

    I did miss the tough guy thing, explain it to me...I have lots of bro's in addison, most are 22.3's just one left in feeder....where were you in addison?