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  1. The more I read these posts, the more happy I am about my local and the hub I work in. Most of you guys sound like you have horrible representation.
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    hey Tie... how ya doin? lol
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Work Safe! About time you decided to post something!
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    No matter if the representation is good or not, this point has been brought up here many times. It is each and every workers responsibility to know their rights, know the contract, even if they need to consult a more knowledgeable co-worker. It is each and every workers right to run for, and become said representation.
  5. Yeah, it just seems to me that most of these posters are running scared. We don't do that where I work.
  6. Sup dog
  7. "Hey tie" I assume that's some type of lingo?
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    Walk on down to Watertown for a few months. I would like you to re-post this 2 months later.
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    yes its a special code to scare bullies
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    Give it up tie post under your name or don't post at all.
  11. I'm not sure what goes on in Whatertown. I hope it's just good honest workin' and competent representation.