2 Canadian men killed at Puerto Vallarta condo

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    A blow to the upcomming Winter-vacation time for Mexico.


    Mon Sep 28, 11:08 AM
    By The Canadian Press

    TORONTO - Two Canadian men have been killed by gunmen at a Puerto Vallarta condominium, a Mexican news website reported Monday .

    Noticias Puerto Vallarta said both men, identified as Gordon Douglas Kendall and Jeffery Ronald Ivans, were shot to death at close range early Sunday morning. The report said one of the men was shot in the pool area of the condo while the second was shot near his room.

    Both were shot several times, first by one gunman and then by a second who fired at close range as they lay wounded on the ground.

    The gunmen fled in two cars.

    Police later found three vehicles registered to the victims, a pickup truck with Canadian plates, a Hummer and a Mercedes Benz with Mexican plates.

    Canadians have been at the centre of several violent incidents in Mexico over the past few years.

    Earlier this month, Renee Wathelet, 60, of Montreal was found stabbed to death in her apartment on an island off the tourist haven of Cancun. Police later arrested a 24-year-old boatman.

    In 2006, Dominic and Nancy Ianiero of Woodbridge, Ont., were found dead at a five-star resort near Cancun in a case that remains unsolved.

    Mexican authorities named two women from Thunder Bay, Ont., as suspects in the killings, but they were later cleared.

    In January 2007, Adam DePrisco, 19, was killed outside an Acapulco nightclub.

    A Mexican doctor blamed the teen's death on a hit-and-run, but his family and friends believe he was beaten to death.

    In May 2007, Jeff Toews, 34, of Grande Prairie, Alta., died from severe injuries in Cancun.

    His family accused officials of covering up a brutal beating, while prosecutors claimed the man fell off a balcony at a resort.
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    Our country has warnings out about travelling in Mexico......apparently Canada didn't get the memo.

    You couldn't pay me enough to step one step over the border !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oh, we did, but some just won't listen.
    On a side note, this article was linked to the above one (top 10 safest countries to visit).
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    I know lots of people who cross the border every single day, with out any problems. You never hear that on the news, only the bad stuff.