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    hi im new to browncafe.com and i have to questions that need some attention. First off, I currently work the twilight shift and scheduling complications at home keep me from reporting to work very often( our family only has 1 car, lack of childcare, and wife getting home later than expected).
    i spoke to my full time superviser and asked for a shift change to the next one. i havent heard anything from him and its been about 3 weeks. I really dont like going over people but im tired of waiting and i dont want my lack of attendance to affect me. what else should i do?

    secondly is not as important but kind of bothering me. I was told that i completed my 1st year in June 2009 and someone was supposed to come talk to me about scheduling vacation time no one has done so. I asked my supervisor if i can talk to him about it and he kind of brushed me off, i approached him about it a 2nd time and told him i would give him a call during the afternoon, i left him a message and never got back to me. i understand he can get busy but since then hes been down to talk to me about my attendance, something called a salt log, and to ask for contribution for United way, and not once has he asked when i would like a vacation. i dont know how exactly its supposed to work so any info in to the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You in advance
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    You do not get to schedule vacation anytime you want to.

    Many contracts are different. But my building we schedule vacations in jan/feb for march of that year until february of the next year. Scheduling vacation goes from top of seniority to bottom of seniority.

    Only so many people are allowed off per week so lower seniority workers oftentimes don't have many weeks to choose from when it is their turn to schedule vacation.

    Don't waste your time talking to your supervisor about this. Ask coworkers when in the year you schedule vacation.

    Transfers are usually hard to pull off. You cannot transfer at will. They need an opening on the shift you want to transfer to. And I'm sure there's a lot more red tape than that but don't expect it to happen or happen quickly.
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    thanks for the reply. so its confirmed, im stuck between a rock and a hard place
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    Yup: rock>Frunas<hard place

    Are you sure the next shift is feasible (gotta bust your chops here, as apparently at one time you thought the twilight was)? If so, go ahead & "go over" the full time supe. You talked to him/her and got no response (yes or no). You know your sporadic attendance is a problem, and will likely get worse with earlier start times during PEAK. If there is a good time to change shifts, it's now. There's time to get you and your replacement up to speed. Bring this up to the twilight manager and HR ASAP, before they hire off the street for that shift.

    As far as vacations, they are typically picked well in advance. Ask some senior coworkers, or better yet your union steward about the scheduling period, and what you may or may not be entitled to this year (are there any other requirements such as a minimum # of hours worked).

    BTW, was your steward present when being disciplined for the attendance and SALTS?
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    my steward was there for the attendance but not for the salts or the contribution towards united way.
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    Do as hondo said and go directly to the sort manager. The supervisors and area coordinators, unless they WANT to get rid of you, have little care for what you want.

    Tell the sort manager your good intentions and ability to work every day for peak despite the attendance issues. This would be very favorable for the company and they would very likely place you on whatever shift you can work every day.
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    Thank you both for your input
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    If you are in the New England area, covered under the New England Supplement

    If you went over one year in June then you will have one week coming to you before the start of the next vacation selections. Unless things changed that I'm not aware of. Find your shop steward and tell him you went over one year in Jun. Your name should have appeared on this years vacation schedule, but, you would have had to pick a week after your one year aniversary. I doubt you will be able to get a week off between now and xmass, but, when the post xmas layoffs start you could be well served to take that week then, with pay. When the new list goes up, sometime between March and April, you should be able to pick two weeks off, but, one week will have to be picked after your two year aniversary.

    You will have had to work at least 135 days during your first year.
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    +1 go talk to the steward.
    the donation is not discipline and therefore no need for a steward.
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    Thanks for all the info, i got my transfer just waiting to hear about my vacation time. although i asked my sort supervisor and all he said was that theres no vacation time within the peak season. Does the vacation time carry over on to next year?
  11. UnsurePost

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    Find out when your buildings vacation picks occur. You should definitly be able to take one paid week before the picks occur, assuming they are not early January of course, which is probably not the case. Anyway you will likely be able to take a week early next year before you pick again