2% raise in October

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  1. They had a memo posted in the check in room when I got off road. 2% raise for employees classed 7L (I think). That covers couriers, service agents, ramp agents and others. No raises for employees classed 7H. Handlers, sorters and others.

    Also our SM said this morning that benefits info will be mailed to us sometime next week. He said he was having a conference call today and would find out details. He has said before he wouldn't be surprised if premiums double or the company drops coverage altogether and pay the "Obamacare" penalty. He's kind of a blow hard so who knows...
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    Pay the penalty? That would make 0 sense. Obamacare does not effect companies that are self insured. Tell your SM he's an idiot.
  3. I honestly have no idea how the penalties work with Obamacare. Just relaying what he said. And yes he is an idiot, that's why he's a senior.
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    Geez Fred quit paying us so much.
  5. If they stop offering any sort of coverage and all employees went on Obamacare would they be penalized? Honest question as I have no idea.

    And yes, he is an idiot. Otherwise he wouldn't have made it as far as he has in this company. :)
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    Short answer: yes, they would pay a penalty. And if they dropped your insurance it would be because they don't value you enough to provide insurance, not because of obamacare.
  7. When did I say it was because of Obamacare?

    I think everyone on this board knows how little they value us. That's how we ended up here. Thanks for the pointless jab though.
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    Premiums are not doubling and they are not dropping coverage. You can opt out if you have other qualifying coverage still. You will hear more soon.
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    Hey that gets me over 15 bucks an hour hooraaa NOT!!!
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    It wasn't a jab. You sound completely ignorant on health care reform. So I let you know the only reason why fedex would drop health insurance.
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    Raises went live for Ground 7/1. No deferrals or reductions.
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    Inflation is hovering around 2% so we are still heading backward. Maybe the combination of this and UPS drivers getting a good contract will get more fighting for a union here.
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    Back on topic 2% raise so I get a little over .30--- Raise the starting wage 10% - cause the can't get anyone to work here - and I keep working my way closer to the bottom of pay range.

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    So what was the raise?
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    Our "raise" is no raise at all. Given the inevitable insurance premium hikes, we will be headed strongly in the opposite direction. We will actually be receiving a pay cut. That's not how it will be presented, but that is the reality. Get out now if you can.
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    I'll be getting 36 cents and the topped out couriers on my payscale, the lowest, will get 45. Once again getting further from top out. Oops, wait a minute, will be out of here by October. I really wanted to break $20hr before quitting but it's not going to happen.
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    Keep up folk. There is a "hold" on the mandate for employers. Can't see Fred messing with the insurance. That's why over 90% of the part timers work here.
    Plus if he gave a "rats" about us, with the amount of employees, he could get us better "group" insurance. Please explain how UPS doesn't pay for jack ... no co-pay, nada, nil, nothing?