2 weeks till unionized

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    But i've been copping an attitude this week. I'm passive aggressive. Stress finally got to me on friday and even the drivers on the belt and the ones i load for told me to just OOSA (something calm down and relax). Some :censored2: i don't even load for was talking :censored2:. Irregs are driving me :censored2:ing crazy. I do about 130 a day. They send 5 down the belt at once and they're the heavy kind. They want me to put them on pallets and they only give me one to work with (i broke it by the way, heavy :censored2:). Do you think they'll keep me if i just start nodding my head for these final 2 weeks to every ounce of bull:censored2: i'm ordered to do? I do tend to misload. I always work through tiredness in the final hour, that's how we did it during bootcamp.

    TLDR - copped an attitude, don't think they're going to keep me much longer. Goos Fraba from the movie Anger Management.
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    Yes. Because it sounds like you're a designated heavy at your location. UPS can hire PTers all day but it's harder to find a box ox that can handle the truly terrible route sets.

    So you have a decision to make about what you want to do.
  3. They are hiring before peak season right now. You'll be alright.
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    I don't care how good an employee you are, or how fast you are, or what time of the year it is. If you give this company a reason to fire you, they will. Get an attitude big enough, and they will walk you to the gate.