20 year old, pt sup or possible driver?

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    okay basically im a part time sorter and going to school, im planning to go into law enforcement a few years from now. i live in los angeles, CA; so pay for an officer is that of a ups driver. my problem is that i was originally planning to become supervisor (i was asked recently and started the process) but i recently heard that (by legit people that know their ups stuff) the hub lancaster CA is always hiring drivers because its in the middle of nowhere/dessert and its really hot and really really small hub, i asked around and people from 5 to 10 year seniority say they have been called but turned it down because of location. i dont care about conditions and location, and they said if i put my name on it ill prob be called in around a year (2years in, so suspicious). my question: should i just take the supervisor job which looks great on a resume for law enforcement or decline and gamble and see if i do get called, waiting more than two years is not an option for me, need the mula. anyone work for this hub or knowledge of it? sorry for long thread, just needed to give background. thanks nonetheless.
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    You'll have a better sense of fulfillment if you go into law enforcement because that is more of a career whereas UPS is just a job
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    Why would PT Sup look great on a resume for law enforcement? I would think a military background would be better. How about the National Guard. I remember several police officers in my unit.
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    Military not only looks great on an application for law enforcement (former police officer here) but also in many areas you get extra points for military service which puts you ahead of other applicants who may score higher than you on an exam.

    Any leadership experience also looks good so PT sup wouldn't be a bad thing for you as long as you fully understand what you're getting into with the job.
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    If you're 20, I'm assuming you don't have a college degree yet. These days, you need one. Yes, even if you're going into law enforcement, if you plan to move up to sergeant or above (behind a desk), you need the "sheepskin". It's not as easy to get one if you're on the road every night until 7:30pm unless you go the online route. Even then, you might fall asleep on your laptop after 140 stops a day.

    That said, go to PT supervisor, get in school, take the increase in pay from your hourly rate, and take whatever UPS offers in the way of tuition reimbursement. If it turns out you're baking for longer than you expect for a job in law enforcement, you can always go driving in a year or two anyway as long as you have your degree. In my area, going into PT supervision does not preclude you from becoming a driver.
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    You guys helped a lot, thanks, especially dudebro, liked your answer and agree with it, ill prob go with pt sup since education is prime these days. thanks for feedback
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    just to be fair let me warn you what might happen, the ppl that you worked with before turning pt sup will turn on you. i have seen this with my own eyes,
    also you will have to endure some hazing from other sups since you will be the newbie which i have also seen happen. so be prepared to be stabbed in the back
    by your coworkers new and old.
  8. Jackburton

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    Go managment and suck the education credit dry, then go work at a place that values you, cause this ain't it.