20 yr driver suspended due to accident caused by other driver

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    We just had a 20yr driver get suspended until further notice for having a accident that wasnt this UPS drivers fault. An older couple coming out of Cracker Barrel yesterday AM said that he just didnt see the brown truck and pulled out causing damage to his Airstream trailer. This UPS driver was going around 30-35 MPH in a 45 zone (due to traffic coming off of the interstate) (made eye contact with the other vehicle) The older gentleman was ticketed and has in the police report that he was at fault and UPS still suspended the driver. This driver never even had the time to apply the brakes. No damage was done to the package car.
    I know UPS has procedures when it comes to a 3 tier accident but, to suspend a driver W/O pay when it's not even their fault. This could happen to any of us at any given time. Now this driver has to fight to get their job back with having suspension on their personal file.
    This driver worked over 12 hrs on Wed. and a large day on Thur. and this is the thanks UPS gives out. I just think it's BS and I wish UPS would make up it's mind on this 3-tier accident classification. Found out today that UPS had done a modification on it and we weren't even informed. hummmmmmmm lets see this week I think I will use these rules with our drivers....
    Any help you can give our center for this driver would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, the local newpaper was out taking pictures at the scene so it will be interesting to see what they print.
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    It seems your management is doing business as usual. Screw the driver. Make sure he files a grevience within 10 days. I would begin some basic diologue with a lawyer just in case it comes to termination. If your local mangement does not like this guy, they will use anything to get rid of him. Your local CHSP gruop should be getting into this. You would be surprised how much weight they can have.....
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    ups gal: that doesn't make sense with the information you provided. Was that the talk around the center, or did you actually see the police reports, etc?
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    No I didnt see the police report but, all my information came from a very realiable source and I will leave it at that.
    In my option if we UPS drivers dont start standing up for other UNION Brothers/Sisters that are caught in this kind of situation you all will wish you would have. Cause you never know when this type of accident will happen to you.
    Sorry to vent on here but, I'm just not happy knowing that if someone should hit me in my UPS truck (not my fault accident) that I can loose my job and I will have to FIGHT to get it back. It's just not right.
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    An old lady backed into my parked truck a few years back. I wasn't in it but I heard the crunch. No damage to truck, I took her info and called it in. Center Manager blew it off.
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    Our building had a similar accident recently and the driver was fired.
    The UPS driver was making a right turn into a right turn only lane.
    Another driver, just discharged and leaving a hospital, came out of a parking lot, crossed two lanes of traffic, and struck the UPS vehicle in the third ( turn only).
    The UPS driver was fired!
    UPS was after this driver, because he had a trailer jump a hitch on a P-800 a few years back and exposed a nationwide problem with the trailers. He documented 17 cases of properly hitched trailers coming off.
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    We just had a drivers termination upheld at the panel hearing. The driver hit another car head on, on a narrow 2-lane road. Im not saying the company was wrong for taking action but everyone was confidant he would be reinstated including the center manager. He was charged with reckless driving and represented himself in court (convicted). A witness stated that the driver was looking down (at the diad?) seconds prior to the accident. Sad case, the drivers wife was pregnant and he was one of those guys that never complained and did whatever was asked of him.
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    What is CHSP??? I have never heard of this orgaanization.... Thanks
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    Its the safety group in your building made up of union,management and the automotive division.
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    It stands for Comprehensive Health and Safety Process. Get involved in your centers safety team. They can use anyone willing to get motivatied on safety issues.

    As far as the TP60's comming off the package cars, it does happen. ANd UPS knows about it and has sent memos out to the center auto teams about it. Seems that the balls take a bit of wear and the hitches also. And it does not take much and the hitch will jump off the ball at the least bounce in the road.

    I still have a copy somewhere of that memo. They have a template that they use on both the balls and hitches to see if they are worn enough to replace.

    Shame they can play games with someones job, when all he is doing is calling attention to a real problem.

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    "Seems that the balls take a bit of wear and the hitches also."

    Sounds painfull...
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    I guess those horse trailers fall off the hitches all over. Same thing here, glad no one was hurt.Thank God I dont have to pull one of those babies.
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    "Sounds painfull..."

    Yes,... and it can spread and become a real pain in the rear end (of the trailer) also...
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    Y'All aint right

    If you think about it though, it would make sense. Most trailers or hitches have grease on them to keep them from wearing. Not the package car or TP60's. The balls get very rusty within a few days, and even on mine, which I remove when not in use, gets a large buildup of rust on it.

    Then add the wear that metal against metal produces and you have the makings of a disaster.

    Shame someone had to lose their job to get this taken care of.

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    This driver has been reinstated with pay since the accident and UPS said that they are going to list this as an unavoidable accident on this drivers record.
    After speaking with this driver yesterday UPS said the driver had 1.5 seconds before impacted and should have sounded the horn. That is all the company could come up with... (PLEASE) My queston for everyone is???
    If you know your going to hit another vehicle would you:
    1. Keep both hands on the wheel to try to control the truck.
    2. Have one hand holding the steering and one hand on the horn with only 1.5 seconds till impact.

    Have a good week.....
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    You missed and option... both hand on the horn???
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    If you think that UPS gives a Darn (clean version)about you then you either haven't been working here very long or your just stupid.I could write a book about similar situations that are just like this one and some even worse.So don't think because you are a long time employee or that you have always been a good employee or you have done management favors that they won't stab you in the back (again the clean version) if they get the chance.THEY WILL
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    I think we can fill in the blanks on this one. Welcome aboard bowhunter.
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    "This driver has been reinstated with pay since the accident and UPS said that they are going to list this as an unavoidable accident on this drivers record."

    Bowhunter if the above is true then it looks like we cared about this one?
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    bowhunter sure its not cowboy?? need a rubber snake for your boot??