2007 TA Results vs. 2013 TA Results

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  1. Hawfuh Sux

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    In 2007 the East Coast voted:

    Yes 15,220

    NO 12,032

    No vote had a plus of 3188 votes.

    In 2013 the East coast voted :

    YES 11,575

    NO 10,238

    NO vote had a plus of 1337 votes.

    In 2007 Southern Region:

    NO 10,016

    YES 3,725

    NO vote had a plus of 6,291 votes.

    In 2013 Southern Region:


    NO 2,488

    NO vote had a plus of 5,609 votes.

    Still waiting for the Central, Western and Northern California Supplements.
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  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Your post is confusing.
  3. Bagels

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    The only metric that matters: 65% YES

    What we know:
    - Voter turnout is worse than 2007. So much for disgruntled PTers voting against the contract, although in fairness, there's only a handful of eligible voters in the Right-To-Freeload South.
    - Only locals in which FTers are affected by the change to TEAMCARE are changing their votes. Few exist in the Central region, and perhaps none out West
    - YES is leading by a nearly 10,000 vote margin. This contract is on its way to passing by more than 60% of the vote.

    For simplicity:
    Northeast: 56% YES in 2007, 53% YES in 2013
    South: 73% YES in 2007, 76% YES in 2013
    Total: 65% YES in 2007, 65% YES in 2013
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    2:1 ratio?

    Can you imagine the turnout if we had to vote in person?
  5. Hawfuh Sux

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    Can you imagine the thousands of people that received late ballots? In the Southwest people were receiving ballots yesterday and today. That is a disgrace if you ask me.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Were these replacements or ballots that were sent late due to the members failing to have their current mailing address on file with the union?
  7. Hawfuh Sux

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    Official Vote Count as of 4:05 pm Easter Time:

    [h=5]YES 19,672
    No 12,726

    A 5,609 vote difference.[/h]
  8. Bagels

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    Just for ships & giggles:

    Among the votes currently uncounted, in 2007 they voted: 24631 YES, 11045 NO.

    Assuming the voter turnout remains the same (but it's been down significantly, depending on the local), the remaining locals would have to swing their votes to 14410 YES, 21132 NO for this contract to be defeated.

    Preview of the West in Albuquerque?
    2007: 305 YES, 60 NO
    2013: 155 YES, 112 NO

    Over 100 less votes, but no grew by 62 votes. Not enough to make a dent in this outcome.
  9. Hawfuh Sux

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    These were members that have been receiving all the propaganda from the IBT to vote YES, the Teamsters Magazine and Newsletters. The IBT has their address alright. But it appears that this problem only was greater in the WEST, 177 and Local 89. Gee I wonder why?
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    Hoffa, you might want to take a good long look at what you posted and make some edits, unless you like looking like an uneducated idiot.
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    Or was it the world wide web that read through the obnoxious propaganda of twisted truths on Browncafe that sickened the masses !!!!
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    As one who was against the TA, I agree with Heff. The vulgarity of the posts along with the lies and the insults did not help the Vote No effort.
  18. Hawfuh Sux

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    The Southwestern Rider went down and we will not vote in favor of Teamcare. The Western Conference so far is a NO vote with 7 big locals not counted in SO CAL yet.
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