2012 Wellness Incentive - Taxed But NOT Received????

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    Maybe this has been posted before but, I couldn't find anything. I went ahead and did my yearly Wellness Incentive to ge the $100 pre-paid visa card... I entered it in back in October and it was accepted the first week of November according to my Health Care Providers Website.

    So in today's paycheck I was taxed for this. Was listed as $100 credit in my check then a $100 deduction so they could tax the heck out of it.

    Problem is, I never received the Visa card in the mail as I have in years past.

    I then called the 1800... number on Upsers for any lost or stolen cards and according to the company that issues that cards, one was never even issued to me.

    Anyone know anything about this or who I need to talk to.... or should this thing just pop up in my mail?