2014 Flexible Benefit Plan Changes for 2014

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    Does anyone know if the big changes announced today for benefit coverage for spouces is going to be applicable for us retired management ?In short,if your wife is working for a company that offers health insurance,she cannot be on your coverage next year. She must go on their policy.It is posted on UPSers.com and existing management are not happy. Does not sound like it will apply to union.
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    All administrative and technical employees / non union also have this notice today.

    If their spouse has medical at their work, they can not longer be covered by UPS in 2014 for medical.

    Also if you, or your spouse smoke, use snuff, or smoke a pipe UPS will implement a $150 per month surcharge on
    medical coverage under the Flex Benefits Plan.

    You and the spouse, if either of you smoke, must quit in the next three days or July 1st 2013, then you can mark
    I / we do not smoke and avoid the surcharge. This is not made up. It is a fact on UPSER.COM

    If you mark we / I do not smoke, and are caught, you will punished up to termination.