2016 Republican Convention is set to be a disaster for the GOP...

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    With less than one week to go, the RNC is set to hold its convention featuring the worst candidate ever nominated to run for the highest office in the land.

    The fireworks have already started, with the rules committee meeting today and tomorrow and the #nevertrump movement in full swing in trying to derail DRUMPF and take the party back.

    The list of speakers is enemic at best, with DRUMPF having to scrub the bottom of the barrel for speakers from Newt Gingrich to Scott Walker.

    Fingers are crossed for an appearance by SARAH PALIN !!! But dont gasp, TIM TEBOW is slated for a speaking role... Go figure, Drumpf brings in the dumbest player in NFL history to endorse him.

    DRUMPF choosing to repeat the same old diatribe of Bengazi bengazi bengazi, email emails emails and Bill Clintons love life, but stupid is as stupid does.

    The best joke of the convention will be when Melania speaks. This will sink his ship.

    Look at this joke of a convention...

    The list, which is subject to change, as obtained by The New York Times:

    Night 1: A Benghazi focus, followed by border patrol agents and Mr. Shaw, whose son was killed by an undocumented immigrant. Senator Cotton, Mr. Giuliani, Melania Trump, Ms. Ernst and others.

    Night 2: A focus on the economy: Mr. White, president of the U.F.C.; Asa Hutchinson, the governor of Arkansas; Michael Mukasey, the former United States attorney general; Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a vice-presidential possibility; Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader; Mr. Trump’s daughter Tiffany; his son Donald Jr.; and Governor Walker.

    Night 3: Ms. Bondi; Ms. Collins; Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker; Senator Ted Cruz of Texas; Mr. Trump’s son Eric; Ms. Gulbis; and the nominee for vice president.

    Night 4: Mr. Tebow; Representative Blackburn; Governor Fallin; Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman; Governor Scott; Mr. Thiel; Mr. Barrack; Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka; and Mr. Trump.

    Even as they finalized the list this week, Mr. Trump’s campaign aides and party officials were also working behind the scenes to stave off any challenges to Mr. Trump’s nomination on the convention floor next week.

    Mr. Priebus was blunt about the need for party leaders to support Mr. Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton — even if the reasoning he offered appeared to be less than a full-throated endorsement.

    “If we don’t stick together as a party and stop her, then the only alternative is to get comfortable with the phrase President Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Priebus said in remarks to party leaders on Wednesday.
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    With two GAY speakers slated for speeches at the RNC convention ( Tim Tebow and Peter Thiel ) its hard to imagine how they could speak with a straight face given the party's acceptance of the most ANTI LGBT platform ever in RNC history.

    Log Cabin Republican leader: the Republican Party passed the most anti-LGBT Platform in the Party's 162-year history. - CNNPolitics.com

    Tebow, I can see saying anything for a buck, heck , he was paid to do the sign of the cross on the field, so why not endorse Drumpf... A whhore is a whhore and no trick is out of the question for money.

    Thiel on the other hand, is openly gay and from silicon valley.

    How he reconciles this moment in his life is beyond understanding.

    Gawker-Busting Gay Billionaire Peter Thiel To Speak At RNC / Queerty

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    You are a psycho.

    You do know that, right?
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    Kettle, meet black.
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    you misspelled trump. Makes it difficult to read
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    I didnt mis spell it at all. That is his original family name.


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    You really have nothing to contribute but someone else's work that you happen to like.

    Must not have the intellectual capacity to come up with anything on your own.
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    I'd love to know the reasoning behind the seating chart for the RNC:

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    Tell that to Moreluck and the other guy.
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    Her online spouse wouldn't know an original thought if it came up and bit him on the butt.
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    Bob, you are so funny.
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    I deliver packages, not messages.

    Tell them yourself.
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    I just did.

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    another I know who you really are intimidation post? you are so transparent.
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    That's right, @teamer
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    feeble mind tricks do not work on me. go change your depends and refresh yourself.