2023 Teamster Contract Negotiation - Partner Edition


Trying to figure out where they hid the body.
I see cucumbers, several tomato sprouts in various levels of development (one nearly a seedling), and some kind of brassica (probably broccoli or cauliflower.) The tomatoes should have been started well before the cucumbers, and the cucumbers are getting far too leggy. The cukes need to be planted already, if you harden them off, or they need to be moved closer to the light source (or a stronger light source.) Several cucumbers look shriveled and undeveloped, possibly due to damping off (an affliction of seedlings.)

Tomatoes 3-7 days to sprout, 5-7 weeks max as seedlings.
Cucumbers 3-5 days to sprout, 3-4 weeks as seedlings.

Cucumbers & melons should be direct seeded, when the soil temp is above 55F, as they make for a much more robust & productive plant. Watermelon may have to be started as seedlings in harsh climates, but their most important feature, the long taproot they send down to water is often damaged and shortened by the transplanting process.
Yes, all correct. Those tomatoes were from fermented seeds from last year we tossed in a tray to see what would happen. It was a 19 day germination instead of the normal 3-7. The rest of my seedlings took off, but the seeds we fermented last fall were very late & I had given up. We had an extremely late frost so that held up my planting. The cucumbers & watermelons were a project from the 7 year old. Last year we had pollination issues with both, but added a hive of bees this year.

We eat the broccoli sprouts instead of planting so I have them under grow lights year round for salads.

Our watermelons in the garden have been destroyed by an armadillo I finally caught Thursday morning.