20th Anniversary of NAFTA

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sleeve_meet_Heart, Nov 4, 2013.

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    On the 20th Anniversary of NAFTA | Vincent Intondi

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    First, take a look at this photo.. Do you see president Clinton in the picture? Answer, no , he wasnt president yet.

    Second, the NAFTA agreeement between Canada and Mexico was signed on december 17th 1992, a month before president Clinton took office. Now sleeve, I know you wanted to get a thumbs up from the crowd, but you are just as uninformed like those you seek approval of.

    In November 1992, the GOP won both houses of congress. Because of the numbers, they controlled an override should president Clinton VETO any bill that they passed. Clinton had no choice but to pass the law the FOLLOWING year because (A) president BUSH already made the deal with two countries, (B) the GOP would pass it anyways.

    What Clinton did was re-negotiate portions of the law including the prevention of foreign trucks crossing our borders. That stayed in place until Bush Jr and the GOP took control of both houses and the White House.

    Afterwards, they opened the borders allowing foreign trucks to cross wiping out the entire LTL industry and crushing the Teamsters. This was the intention to start with. Another GOP ploy to crush Union Workers.

    In 2008, the dems took control of both houses and stopped the trucks, only to have them re opened when the GOP took control of congress in 2010.

    NAFTA was created during the Reagan administration but couldnt pass because the dems controlled both houses of congress. BUSH sr couldnt pass it so once he lost the election and knowing that the GOP won both houses signed the agreement during the congressional christmas break forcing the bill to wait until the following year when the dems couldnt stop it.

    A slick move that ultimately hurt all american workers.

    Thats the history Sleeve, it may not suit your purpose, but you cant escape the facts.

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    Look what you did now !!
    TOS cannot accept that President Bill Clinton ----SIGNED NAFTA as the law of the land --Period --case closed.
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    All I did was post someone else's article and thoughts...you can take it or leave it, obviously.
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    'nuff said, no escaping that fact.
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    History ??? Maybe yours. What party had control of the House and Senate after the 1992 election ????
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    There you two go , using real facts .
    Everyone knows that when faced with real facts , TOS & his alter egos go into hiding .
    Only to come back by changing the subject .
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    Deja-vu since this topic came up a few months ago...and iirc, the Republicans took over control of senate and house not until elections in 1994.