22.3 Can they change my hours?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by screwed, Aug 6, 2009.

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    I have worked for UPS for 20 years and took a 22.3 combo job 1/2 inside 1/2 air driver about 5 years ago. I have worked the same shift for the past 5 years and now I am told that my shift will change to the midnight shift? Can they do this? Also, am I able to bump other 22.3 employees who have less seniority? even if they are inside/inside?

    Any words of wisdom is appreciated!

  2. greenjasie

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    I too have had my hours changed from preload/eam driver/air driver to midnight/preload. I was on the other shift for nine years. I have been at the uion hall several times to discuss this matter to no avail. I was told that due to the economy the company can change our hours. In my case it has caused a severe hardship due to the fact that I have two young children, and my husband and I have worked opposite shifts to care for the children and now we are forced to find care for them. This is not an easy tasks since we need to find care for them during the late night hours. Good luck!!!!
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    utilize the FMLA

    screw them back.
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    why are they moving you? lack of vol., one of your shifts changed time, need more info.
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    your not alone...in same boat..i was eam/noonday and we have all been replaced by part timers and where told that we are "laid off" and company would only let us pick from sunrise and twilight jobs to displace from...have to go in at 4am-8am come home stay up with kids and when my girl gets home i have to go back to work from 5pm-9pm. management has been trying to fire every combo worker they can.Has not worked only lead to a TON of grievances witch has been costing the company more money. the main grievance of the company not allowing us to displace any two part timers as stated in article 48, has been dead locked every time.But if they don't fix it by end of month this will go to national and the company will not have any leg to stand on. it has been a long 6 month
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    Not only can they change your hours, they can work you any 5 days in a 7 day period--at least in my local. UPS is a heartless co.--they care not about your personal life. I know it is a business, but 20 year employees should be worked with IMO.

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    I'm not to familiar with the 22.3 jobs. but in pkgs and feeders if your rte or runs change by more than an hour you have the right to bump a junior employee.

    I can't believe they can give 22.3 jobs to pt employees. Full-time prevails.
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    FMLA would not work in her case as it does not cover simple childcare unless one or more of them had a disability.
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    22.3 are bid jobs they don't just go to pt employees. In my center the 22.3 people that are laid off are double shifting too and there is a huge grievance going to panel soon over the lay offs.