22.3 Combo Jobs

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  1. The bid sheet went up today at our hub. Scary as it is to believe (with 2 years in) I actually have enough seniority to possibly get one (we even have unfilled positions if you can believe it) or bump someone. I know what they are but I have a few concerns/questions

    The pay: will my laughable PT rate go to the starting rate of the FT inside jobs shown in the contract, or does it stay at my current rate until it surpasses the starting point in the wage progression for FT inside jobs? I know it says something in the contract but its a little confusing.

    The guarantee: if I get it I am guaranteed 8 hrs correct?

    Some of these jobs I've never heard of. would I be wrong to assume that my FT supe would know what all of them are and involve? because there were a couple that appealed to me but I have no idea what one of the jobs is on the combo for a few of them.
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    Hey Westside,
    Here's how it shakes out, because I've gone from PT to FT combo to FT driving.

    If you land a FT combo job that involves air driving you will be paid 2-rates. You be doing a job inside for part of your shift and will be paid whatever your PT-senority would dictate. Then for air-driving you would start at a certain rate and then progress for 2 1/2 years until you hit top rate.

    If you had enough juice to land an inside-inside combo job you would start at let say 16 bucks and then progress over 2 1/2 years until you hit top-rate somewhere around 20 bucks.

    If I were you, I'd take any FT job that way you have senority over all part-times when its time to bid
  3. yeah most were inside/inside and a bunch were open. I know those with the air/sort jobs and they don't plan on giving them up haha. So I guess I'll just throw my name in and see what happens right? what have I got to lose?
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    If i knew then what i know now, i wouldve gone combo. the hours will suck no matter what shifts you work. but being a part timer now, you're probably already used to garbage hours. they posted a bid list in our center for carwash (misnomer)/ midnight sort and a lot of the senior drivers bid for it. go figure, if they don't fire them for goin 2 miles out of trace for lunch, they'll just run they're most dedicated and dependable drivers out. as far as it goes here, top pay for 22.3 jobs is fairly comparable to that of drivers (within $5 p/hr) which is not bad considering you'll have half the stress.

  5. yeah our package cars look awful...:confused:1