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    Could someone please explain something to me. I thought that by august 1st 2008 ups had to create 2500 fulltime jobs per previous contract agreement. I understand that a new contract has been ratified etc. , but the new contract does say that within 60 days of contract being ratified that info on new jobs would start being available. The contract was ratified earlier this year. I only raise that last point because we are being told that here in the louisville air district that the jobs wont be created until oct.1st , but ive read where numerous grievances have been filed because jobs werent created by august 1st.I have searched national,central an local contracts and the only thing i have read that would even closely make oct 1st a deadline is the 60 days from ratification date ,if ratification date would have been august 1st + 60 days would be oct 1st. This doesnt really affect me as im already full-time , but i still like to be informed and know whats going on in my area. Every yera we have a rush of 50-75 fulltime jobs in june-july and this year not any new jobs at all. We are being told by union officials that jobs will be created by oct 1st and mgmt just adds to the rumors with no real info. Just rumors of 5-10 jobs in every area imaginable which cant be true. anyone with any idea what is going on please add to it...Thanks.
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    Same situation here in Indy, although the Oct. 1 deadline is new to me. For the last 3 years our hub would get another 10-15 new combo jobs opened, but this year we have recieved 0. I figured that since the new contract was ratified and the company is no longer required to create the jobs in future years that they would force people to fight to get them to create the other 2500 jobs. I guess we will see what happens between now and Oct. 1.
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    I was under the impression the contract kept the current 22.3's but the company did not have to finish filling the entire 2500.
  4. trplnkl

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    To my knowledge we have zero 22.3 jobs in our center.
  5. Baba gounj

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    Same here.
    The idea of 22.3's was from Ron Carey's time as president; a rather non-subject with our current union administration. So I really do believe that Hoffa could care less.
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    They are moving the 22.3 jobs to other places and corporate are also taking the jobs away. So if you know that they are suppose to create jobs in your located and you don't see it then that is what is happening.
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    they finished off the 2500 early this summer, over the last 3 years we've had about 6 classes a summer (10 in each class) this summer we had 2 classes of 8 and the other classes were canceled because we hit that mark as a company
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    Contract ratification date was Dec. 19, 2007, so the Oct. 1, 2008 date is not connected to the 60-day deadline that UPS had to supply a list of the 22.3 jobs that will be maintained. The list should have been provided 60 days after Dec. 19, 2007.

    TDU has an article and the results of a study of the 22.3 situation that they have been monitoring all along, here . . .

    Unfortunately, on this issue, I disagree with TDU's interpretation of the Contract. I think those who voted "Yes" on the Contract, voted to give away some of our 22.3 jobs, just as they voted to give away/delay some of our raises, and 2008 cost of living increase, etc., etc.

    Here is the Article 22, Section 3 language that was deleted as of Dec. 19, 2007 . . .
    I've said all along that most of the 2,500 combo jobs that UPS was obligated to create in the last year of the Contract, would not be created because UPS would argue that Teamster Officials nationwide unanamously urged passage of the agreement, and the members responded with a majority "Yes" vote. (The Master actually passed even earlier than Dec. 19, 2007 but was delayed about a month until five Supplements could be revoted and finally passed.)
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    Baba Gounj said it best, leadership now says screw 22.3, this is no longer the days of Ron Carey. Unfortunately, guys like myself and alot of others will have to attempt to move to package or feeders to stay full-time and bump the new(er) hires in the future as 22.3s jobs are eliminated, hidden, laid off or moved around.
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    In my hub they stopped creating new jobs a few months ago. Also if a combo job becomes vacant they are not filling these jobs. So not only are they not creating any they are actually eliminating the existing jobs
  11. trplnkl

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    In our center they just posted a bid sheet for a 22.3 job. There are no descriptions of any kind on the list. How could anyone tell if they wanted the job/s ?
  12. outamyway

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    That's probably the point.
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    In my hub they have not created a 22.3 job in 2 years, and they are working at eliminating 4 of them right now. At this point the employees are laid off as the grievances are deadlocked.
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    here in Redmond there has not been a new 22.3 job since god knows when. last firday we had a big shot from local 174 handing out pamphlets to every worker who was coming in on twili. sheet said that UPS eliminated 36 22.3 jobs at Boeing field international and that they filed a grievance with the district, so ther goes my hope to become a full time and my patience is running out, thouoghts about quitting are stronger each day.
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    I think the last time Redmond had a new 22.3 was back in May. It was a air driver position/unload with a 2 hour lunch. I don't think they will ever have a 22.3 job bid on the bulletin board ever until UPS create a position for all the people that has been laid off. There's 36 at BFI and probably at least 10 in Redmond and who knows about seattle. I think it's going to be a long wait.