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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ohiobrownman19, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Ok I cannot seem to get a straight answer on this from my local union so please give me your input. I am currently in progression under the old 2 year progression system and will complete it in June of 09. My PT pay rate was already above all the progression increases except the final top rate so I have been red circled at that rate since taking the job. By the way I am inside/inside. Now my question is that under the new contract it does nto speciffy what the top rate is. It says 22.62 "plus the general wage increases" what I am confused about is does each general wage increase change the top rate itself or does that mena you have to be at the top rate already then you get the wage increase added on top?? So since we have already had one .35 raise in aug and we will have another in feb before I hit top rate, will I goto 22.62 and then start getting the increases after that or will I goto 23.32??
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    Please correct me if im wrong (im sure SOMEONE WILL) but Jun 09 at the end of your progression youll be at the new top out.
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    Ohiobrownman19, the Top Rate increases each time there is a General Wage Increase, (and each time there is a Cost Of Living Raise, if any, as well.) The Top Rate increases even if you are not in it yet, so in June 2009, you will go to $23.32.
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    Agree with Frum. The "top rate" goes up whether or not you are getting it, and the last stage of your progression is a jump to the "top rate". National Master, Article 41, Section 3. Plus, as noted, Article 33 (COLA).