23 HRS Overallowed, Uh?

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    Our center was 23 hours over allowed on one particular day. Although, 2/3 of the drivers beat their routes that day, as a center we looked bad. For the day, the center on average came in under. Now, I know they are playing mind games with these numbers. I counted the total hours for the drivers who came over and yes it totaled 23 hours. By UPS admission, mall routes and military bases flat out don't pay and these were the routes that came in around 2 hours in the hole. UPS drivers, have shown the company that we can produce in a so-called down economy and now the company is fabricating ideas to get us to believe we need to improve on our production.
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    Your thread title is misleading. The center as a whole averaged a scratch day with 2/3 of the drivers running scratch or better. If your center did run 23 hours overallowed your center manager would soon be looking for a new job.
  3. It's the same here man, they cut 4 routes daily and we are running peak stop counts, with helpers. Most of the drivers are working until 8-11 a night. With all the OT tell me how they are saving money, I think they are trying to make us veteran drivers walk. I had 10 hrs. OT last week, I usually never get OT but 10 hrs. bonus..... hang in there man and hit them where it counts, I am making as much as I possibly can......
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    What does this have to do with the OP?
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    The total number of hours for those who came under was greater than the over allowed. My point is that they want scratch or better which is what we're producing, but now they want to focus on the over allowed hours from routes that UPS agrees just don't pay.
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    2 out of 3 drivers are not in the dog-house.

    On Wednesday they sent out a cover driver that mgmt doesn't care for with around 400 pc 140 stops, however the add cuts were ridiculous and sections that the car has not had.... I think he wanted to walk out that AM, had an absolute meltdown. He finished in 11.

    This goes on with 4-5 cars out of 50 in our ctr (extreme "ball busting")
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    JUst remember that most of the number they come up with for us to meet are unrealistic and they know it. The reason they that they are putting peak number on routes in the summer is that they know some drivers (more than not) will work throught their lunch and breaks in order to get home at a decent hr. All this does is make them and there number look better so they keep doing it. We all know about how mant stop is 8 or 9 hours on a route so if they give you 20 or 30 more than that don't run and gun and get back at the same time.

    Just play there game and take your full lunch and breaks.
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    In our 2 centers, we are being warned and are having warning letters sent home for not taking a FULL lunch or NO lunch at all. I for one always take a lunch, but on one particular day I had to be somewhere and only took 15 munutes for lunch. The next day the center manager wanted to know why I didn't have it approved and not to do it again. I told him I wasn't going to falsify my timecard by recording a full lunch since I would be in more trouble for falsifying records.
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    We've had a couple drivers fired for working through their lunch. Then we were warned at PCM that the next driver to do so might not get his job back.

    Nobody understand why UPS does anything.
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    They got in trouble becasue they didn't record there full lunch in the DIAD. UPS could careless if you take your lunch or not as long as YOU enter a FULL lunch in the DIAD.
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    It's called falsification of records and drivers who work through their lunch not only defeat the purpose of the meal period but deserve whatever discipline receive. I think termination is over the top--a couple of days off unpaid would send the same message--but the point is being made and I applaud your center team for doing so. There would be several drivers who would be in for a big surprise if my center team ever decided to do an audit of delivery records and recorded lunch times.

    Not only are you giving free labor to the company you are making it that much harder on your cover driver(s) who would then be expected to post similar numbers.

    upsguy, you may be right, but I would not want to be the driver who loses their job or receives a suspension because their center team finally decided to push the no working during lunch policy. Take your full lunch and break. I don't care when you take them but take them.
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    Thank you. The company's hypocrisy on the "take lunch vs record a lunch" issue is breath taking. Essentially what they did was fire these guys for not lying.
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    Dude, the guy is doing it to himself. 145 stops, 400 pieces, splits left and right and he finishes in 11 hours? He's demonstrating that he can handle the load.
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    I'm sure he got help. It would have taken me 16 and I'm not that bad.

    It's not a tight area at all, suburban at best - 1+mil home neighborhoods with large lots and long driveways. Also one of the farthest areas from the hub (about 40 min each way)
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    It wasn't anyone in local management who cared. It was someone over 100 miles away who looked at some papers and thought it was funny to see a bunch of stops DR'd the minute before or after lunch. Each driver was fired. But given their job back after a couple days. And we were all warned that anyone in the future fired for this would have to go through the entire grievence process if they hope to get their job back.

    No. These guys punched out for their entire lunch. However, they were driving around delivering resi stops while their diad was punched out for lunch. You just prerecord before lunch then DR them after lunch. Their full lunch was entered correctly in the DIAD. They just worked through their lunch.
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    While I looks on the surface like UPS is just looking for ways to make employees life hard, there is much more to this story. The root cause has nothing to do with UPS.

    If you do a search on the web for "meal and rest periods", you will see a tremendous amount of discussion in this area. This started in California and is moving to many other states. A lawyer generates a class action suit against a company because either people didn't take meals and breaks, its not documented, etc.

    Here is a quick quote I found:

    Employers Must Monitor and Document ​
    [FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman]
    Even before the recent court decision in Oregon, Pearson said that he had been advising employers "that it is imperative that there be some mechanism to keep track of rest breaks taken." If the company uses a time clock, employees should clock in and out. Or, in the absence of electronic verification, supervisors’ should keep track, he noted. ​
    And if an hourly employee asks to skip a break, "just don’t do it," Hoffman said. "Don’t let employees waive breaks." She further suggested that, in order to avoid litigation, HR should look at all the employers’ policies and practices and make sure that they are in compliance with the law. Further, she concluded "document everything." Make sure that there is documentation that employees are taking all of their required rest and meal breaks. " "

    So, because of thes suits the company must take a stance. I'm not sure but the stance may be different in different states depending on state law. If you do a search, you will see that the law is different in different states.

    I know it would be easier if there were one set of rules for every single operation. This was not something we used to worry about. The best thing for every employee to do is take your meals and breaks and record them.

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    I didn't realize you were in an area where the boards shut down for lunch, so I'll retract what I said about the drivers being fired for not lying. But lets be clear, they were not fired for working through their lunches. They were fired for falsifying their delivery records, ie, recording their deliveries at a different time than they actually made them. That's what concerned "someone over 100 miles away", not the fact that these guys worked through their lunch. If you really want to see how much the company cares about drivers working through their lunch come to any center where the boards don't shut down and you will see that it's a complete non-issue.
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    Overallowed is the most current flavor of the month. Its just another metric some clueless sup somewhere came up with to justify his/her job. Enough said.
  20. i got suspended 3 days for not reporting my lunch, but i sure as hell took it. i just forgot to put it in the board.

    as for the "extreme ballbusting" it happening everywhere. i got a split added to my route that consist of 3 hospitals, 3 schools and an office bldg. im doing about 150 stops a day, 350 del, 150pu. usually 1 1/2 2 hrs paid over. as long as i dont go over 11 no one bats an eye.

    its funny the alternante split they used to give me had me doing about 180-190 stops a day and i would make 9.5 most of the time. i just dont get it.

    9.5 ahhhh those were the days.