250K UPS union members teed up for massive potential strike

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    250K UPS union members teed up for massive potential strike - Fox Business

    Strike authorization gives United Parcel Service workers' negotiators more leverage in talks to replace a labor contract that expires at the end of July.

    United Parcel Services’ (UPS) more than 250,000 union members have the option to go on strike later this year if contract negotiations fall through, which could deal a blow to the U.S. economy.

    In a vote on Tuesday, UPS package members approved the right to strike by a 93% margin and UPS freight employees voted in favor by a 91% margin, thereby increasing their leverage in discussions.
  2. Old Man Jingles

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    Will Trump let them strike?
  3. olroadbeech

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    with UPS handling 6% of the GNP , a strike would disrupt the US economy. God ( Trump ) would not allow this to happen. bad news for the Teamsters so UPS will push this contract to the absolute limit.
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    Trump loves Trump. And Trump hates Amazon and Bezos. He'd throw that whole 6% out the window if it met he could :censored2: both.
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    Strike strike strike
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    Everyone seems to think this contract is all about the money
    Do we really want more money or is it we want to be treated like a human being?
    Do we want to be allowed a life outside of UPS?
    Do we want a solid hope for a future after a lifetime of selling our soul to corporation that is over run with greed?
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    Read the comments on some of these news articles. I know, Internet 101 don’t read the comments, but I don’t, actually would almost bet, see us having the public on our side. They have no idea of what we have to deal with, and they assume every employee makes 80k a year.

    The union needs to be out in front of this explaining the harassment and non financial issues we are looking for.... but they probably won’t.