280 PPH, arghhh

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  1. nystripe96

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    Ok, this is a case of you live, you learn. My first truck of the night is always a conveyor belt trailer with extendo. I was reprimanded yesterday during break because my pph was a measly 280. I looked at my scanner, and it said I was over 320 parcels in 53 minutes since my very first scan of the night. I couldn't understand it. Than I realized, I've been scanning the trailer ULD well before the designated start time. Does pph automatically start when I scan the ULD, or does it start when I scan my first package. I should easily be well over 350 pph on that trailer, so i'm a little ticked off I was scolded for no reason.
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    Don't so much know the answer as to when pph actually starts, however I know you should not be scanning ULD much less touching a scanner, before your start time. You live. You learn.
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    Yeah, I hear that. I'm relatively new, so just wanted to show them I'm eager to work and ready to go each night. Who knew that would be a mistake :/
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    PPH is calculated from the first moment the first ULD was scanned. I used to always tell my load line employees to not scan anything until they are ready to start loading so that their PPH wasn't affected. Hope this helps.
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    Mine was royally affected. I've been logging in sometimes 15 mins before the first scan. If I lose my job over that it'll be a brutal way to go :( I can't make union till Jan, I'm stuck on 15 days until than