2nd Day Air Taking 3 Days

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    Hello all. I purchased an item through Newegg with 2nd day air shipping and had it was listed as shipped as of Monday the 30th. The UPS tracking information listed the delivery date as today, the 2nd. I then checked the status last night and it said "In transit - rescheduled". I read a few threads on here that said sometimes it just misses a scan, so I thought nothing of it.

    However, when I checked again this morning, it didn't leave Memphis until 11pm last night and took 9 hours to get to Lenexa, KS. I'm quite sure it doesn't take 9 hours to fly from Memphis to Kansas City.

    My questions are:
    - Why could the package of been rescheduled?
    - Why did the package sit all day on the 1st at a shipping center?
    - Doesn't 2nd day AIR mean by airplane, not truck?
    - And finally, can I get my money back for not receiving delivery on 2nd day?

    I apologize for ranting and being a little upset, and 3 day shipping doesn't bother me, except for when I actually decide to pay the extra $13 for 2nd day and expect it on the 2nd day. Thank you!

    Tracking #: 1ZX799380207626681
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    The billing info was received on the 30th. Doesn't necessarily mean we got it on the 30th. The origin scan wasn't until the 1st, which would mean we didn't scan it the first time until the 1st.
    So the company readied and labeled your pkg on Monday and didn't ship it until Tuesday, or, UPS did pick it up on Monday and it sat in the building until Tuesday. The first scenario you will get your pkg in 2 days as advertised. If it is the second scenario, contact the shipper and ask for a refund from them. The shipper is entitled to a refund from UPS, you are not.

    Unfortunately, for every million pkgs we deliver on time, I'm sure there is a couple we don't. I know it sucks when that pkg happens to be yours. It has happened to me too and I work there. Good luck!:peaceful:
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    If you check the tracking, it shows "billing information recieved" that's when the shipper electronically set up the shipping. The "origin scan" is when your package actually got into the UPS facility, (unloaded off a truck), that was 12/1 so if it's going to be delivered on 12/3 that's only 2 days. The problem might be that Newegg didn't put load it on a trailer until 12/1. Or it may have gotten on a trailer on 11/30 at the Newegg facility but the trailer wasn't scheduled for pickup until 12/1.
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    To answer your first question:

    According to the computer your package was rescheduled, but until UPS puts the origin scan on the package, the 2 day clock doesn't start running.

    2nd question:

    The package sat until the trailer was full, or until the feeder drivers second trailer was loaded, or just until the feeder driver started work that night. None of us on here really can give a good solid answer to this one.

    3rd question:

    2nd day air means that it will be to your door in 2 business days. Looking at the time in transit maps that UPS puts out on the web, you are within the two day zone for delivery by truck instead of air. What that means is your package along with two or three thousand others was loaded onto a set of trailers and trucked from memphis to somewhere in missouri, dropped in the yard somewhere, picked up by another truck and driven to lenexa in the same night. That is why it took nine hours to go from memphis to lenexa.

    4th question:

    You are not eligible for a refund on shipping costs cuz your package is not late according to UPS. When the origin scan is placed on the package at the UPS facility, the 2 day clock starts ticking. UPS has no control as to when the label is printed at the shipper facility and the info is uploaded to UPS. The only thing UPS controls at the shipper is time of pickup for the shipments going out.

    Not trying to be rude to you, but hopefully you have a little better understanding of how UPS works now.
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    If you get it your package on the 2nd, the package is right on time. If it was sent Monday, Wednesday is the delivery date. Here is where customers really get confused.... Your package is shipped on Friday and you expect it on Monday. Saturday and Sunday don't count for time in transit. A Two Day Air package should be delivered on Tuesday if it were picked up on Friday.

    I was in charge of one of the largest air operations on the West Coast. 1-2-3 Day are your premium services. UPS decides the way the package travels through our system.
    UPS has transit corridors that use air and ground delivery systems to make the "time in transit" deadlines.

    For example, a 3 Day package may fly on an overnight plane (if there is room) and sit for two days at the destination. Or it may fly with 2 Day air and sit one day waiting for delivery. A lot of 3 Day air is trucked non-stop across the country to make it to the destination on time especially if UPS can use the weekend. So a 2 Day package may leave Denver on Thursday by truck with two drivers who alternate driving. They are called a "sleeper team". They would get to Ontario California on Sunday for delivery on Monday to Southern & Central California - Alaska & Hawaii as well as parts of Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada. How does a package get to Hawaii on time if it is in California on Sunday? We send the Hawaii packages on a "hot" flight that leaves California at 6 PM Sunday. We pick up two or three hours depending on daylight savings or standard time to be able to make the feeds to the outer islands from Honolulu for a Monday delivery.

    Why do we do this? To give you the best service at the lowest cost. This is one of the reasons why UPS can compete with non-union companies and still make money. UPS has the best delivery network system BAR NONE in the entire country.

    It is very complex but UPS has a team of people who determine the best transit scenario for our premium services on a daily basis. Sometimes adjustments are made for weather as well. This time of year volume also plays a critical part in utilization of our aircraft and feeder transit system.

    Hope I didn't completely confuse you!
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    Lifer, That was a good explanation!

  7. Very good +1:happy2:
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    Its nice to see for once we didn't have anyone (so far} give a smart :censored2: answer to an un informed customer !! Lets try to keep it this way this year,yah know there will be alot more of these types of post comming!!
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    One thing that happens and shoppers need to realize is that retailers will push "speedier" delivery for an extra charge ,another way for them to increase profits. Folks who are in a hurry will opt for this but what the shipper does`nt always clearly point out is that the delivery times are based on when they get the package to UPS and not necessarily when you place the order. If it takes them several days to process the order before UPS even sees the package then it creates this perceived delay in the customers eyes,and unwarranted disappointment in UPS.When you place an order make sure you double check the actual shipping date rather than the speed of delivery. If we don`t have your package, we cant deliver your package,regardless of the level of service.
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    Thanks everyone for all of the help. I guess I was just a little confused because it had initially said delivery on the 2nd, and then became rescheduled. UPS has always been great for me, especially my local driver.
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    Amen, brother!
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