2nd qtr earnings

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by onehandsolo, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. onehandsolo

    onehandsolo Active Member

    How to you think we will do?
  2. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Sitting on the lou.
  3. Gumby

    Gumby *

    The shareholders will do fine. If the quarter is bad....more routes cut.
  4. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

    I think we probably did okay. Did not exceed estimates, but probably met them.

    Expect to hear "Continued currency headwinds in Europe and Asia" when asked why numbers weren't better.
  5. Big Arrow Down...D

    Big Arrow Down...D Leave the gun,take the cannoli

    Lou who?
  6. Future

    Future Victory Ride

    Who else silly
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Extra credit: Where was that picture taken?
  8. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Loo(bathroom, toilet), is that better? The loo is where we will do.
  9. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

  10. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Lou Pinella
  11. Future

    Future Victory Ride

    I would have said that also .....really not sure though
  12. Future

    Future Victory Ride

    Usually good at that....have to say Fenway with hestitaton
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  13. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    My second quarter earnings are +12% YoY.
  14. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Better known as Sweet Lou.
  15. burrheadd

    burrheadd Creepy pervert

  16. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    That would be Lou Whitaker, part of Detroit's deadly double play combination with Alan Trammel.
  17. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    But should see more savings in fuel since we buy so much in advance.
  18. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

    For sure, but the Euro is killing everyone right now. I doubt the Chinese markets problems have helped either. The tail end of the quarter was the start of that mess.
  19. GetTacosOrDieTrying

    GetTacosOrDieTrying What's in the box!!!!!?