2nd week of vacation after 3 years (new contract)

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by TreeIsLegend, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. TreeIsLegend

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    Am I entitled to a 2nd week (PT) of vacation after 3 years of service? I thought that was the case.

    Previous to 3 years I would get 20 hours of vacation time, and 25 hours of optional vacation hours.

    When I hit 3 years, the only thing I noticed increase were my OPD hours. Is that where it equates?

    I ask because, I put in 3 different weeks of vacation based on this assumption. One I already took, one next week, and one in September. I am a seasonal driver, so I picked the months I wouldn't be driving to insure no conflict. My PT supe assured me he "got my vacation dates in", as I texted them to him several times. I couldn't be there to pick them out due to illness but given my April vacation was for a trip to Denver, it was imperative I got the dates in.
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    bump, admin can move this thread to wherever appropriate but it's making me rather neurotic not knowing and the 705 offices are closed. My route isn't in tomorrow.
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    If it's any help, my hire date was 09/08/09.
  4. TooTechie

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    I thought when I was part time I got 2 weeks after 1 year (started in 2009) but I could be wrong
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    You get 20 vacation hours, and 25 optional hours (which are only paid after your seniority date). I have been in 2 different locals due to transfer and it wasn't any different. In my contract it states 2 weeks of vacation, which I interpret as the allotted 20 hours. My check reads =

    VAC 20.00 - OPD - 0.00 OPW - 25.00,

    In the beginning of the year, OPW was at 50.00. I used my OPD's, because I had some bad reactions to new medications. So no quarrel there. I just don't want to be delinquent for a week, as I am absolutely going on vacation no matter what the decree. 705's offices are closed. That's why I posted here.
  6. Indecisi0n

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    Did it last for longer than 4 hours ?
  7. 40 and out

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    OPW-50.00 would be be 2 weeks option. thats not right. you should get 2 weeks vacation plus an option week this year. 3 weeks total
  8. TreeIsLegend

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    Thanks a lot man. That's precisely what I figured, and ever since I transferred from INBLO to ILJEFF my supervisors are pathetic at communication and policy understanding. I was a steward for 135, but since moving to 705 I just wanted to have my facts straight and wasn't sure if the vacation aspect was part of the national bargain.
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    Hahahaha, I always thought that particular problem would be more of a problem for the intended partner.