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    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    I found this interesting and prolly belongs in the meaningless fluff section. Yessterday I was driving an old 1000 a real turd. Rode 139 miles and used 37 gallons of fuel which figured up to 3.75 mpg. Customers are getting raped with fuel surcharges, routes are being constantly cut, drivers getting laid off. I can see why when the company continues to dump dollars into this kind of equipment. They say we gone green and we are evironmently friendly. Rite! I dont see the corralation.
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    Sounds like it might need some fuel injection cleaner and it's as good as new!!

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    Lol I wrote it up on the DVIR. Cant see paying more for fuel than an employee for an eight hour day.
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    Seems really low. I drive my '94 about 90 miles a day on 8-9 gallons
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    Have you noticed anybody following you around on your route carrying a rubber hose?

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    Naw. This was only a 4 hr shuttle run picking up drop boxes and shuttling to another center. Mostly all interstate travel. Hope get gets corrected. Its not good when it costs more to fuel a car than it does to pay a driver for an 8hr day.