3 Bargain Stocks You Can Buy Right Now


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3 Bargain Stocks You Can Buy Right Now - NASDAQ

1. UPS

United Parcel Service has been one of the least talked about winners of 2020. Along with its rival, FedEx, the two package delivery stocks benefited from a surge in e-commerce and shipping. Sure, folks chose to shop more online than in-store. But people also shopped more in general.

Shockingly enough, consumer spending rose during 2020, savings increased, and household debt decreased for the simple fact that people spent less money on vacations and experiences. Much of the money that would have been spent on airfare, food, and entertainment was instead spent on things like home goods, athleisure clothing, and Peloton bikes. And UPS can ship all that and more.

UPS's earnings benefited from the e-commerce spike. But UPS expects the trend to last for years to come. In fact, it made long-term investments into e-commerce in 2019 by expanding its fleet and shipping offerings and partnering with online platforms and payment providers. It also has a lot more going for it than just e-commerce, like its growing healthcare business, international segment, and rising revenue from small and medium-sized businesses. In sum, UPS is in its best position ever. The stock also sports a 2.6% dividend yield and consistent dividend growth.