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    We have been on PAS for about 2 years now and UPS management is starting to ride each driver. Everyone should understand that some in management will do anything, use any trick, including lying and cheating, to inflate your demonstrated level of performance and then try to hold you to this same level for all future days worked. Some of the tricks I have seen include riding drivers only on their heaviest days. Management intentionally excludes Mondays and Fridays in the "three days" because they usually are our lightest days. Some managers sink so low as to completely change a drivers' route for their ride by removing pickups or adding a high stop density area such as condos and then changing the route back after the ride. Management will not accept the fact that their SPORH (stops per on road hour) changes not only throughout the week, but also throughout the year. In busier periods, stop density increases and drivers show a higher SPORH. When the routes thin out, such as they do during the summer, SPORH decreases. This is due to the additional distance between stops. UPS further creates problems for themselves by adding additional area to many routes, which causes the miles driven to increase. Volume changes have very different effects on low stop density rural routes compared to high stop density town routes. During busy times the additional handling of many more pieces per stop also lowers SPORH. Let your steward know if management tries anything that doesn't reflect your normal days' work. Your ride can be thrown out and not recognized by the Union. Personally, I don't understand why the Union recognizes ANY ride. Statistically, looking at only three days out of a total of 261 worked each year has a very low potential for accuracy. We don't deliver to the same places each day, or have the same pieces per stop each day or the same airs or traffic conditions or weather or many other variables each day. Every day is different and no three days together can ever truly reflect your average performance level. "Demonstrated level of performance" is UPS' feeble attempt to try to hold people to unfair performance levels. Basically no matter what happens to their volume, they want the highest levels of performance a driver demonstrates. This is impossible. Although it takes longer, everyone should learn to do the job "by the book" because sooner or later some manager will try to fire you if you waver from it. It also will guarantee your longevity by lowering your chances of getting injured. If you want to easily confuse or expose your manager ask him if he expects the same demonstrated level during peak. This will quickly invalidate any argument or position he might have. Do not ever except anything management tells you. Question everything. Keep your steward informed at all times. Standing up to UPS' nonsense means that you are doing your part to help fix this horribly broken company.
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    Hey Bombed, Relax, remember the new motto.... go slow, make dough! They can't fire you for production. :cool:
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    Wow, you must have had one bad day! If you stay around long enough you will see all things go in phases and this too shall pass for you. Hope your weekend is great and your week ahead goes smoothly. Take care brother and register with brown cafe to give yourself more credibility.:taz:
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    I'm sure they wish they could though, don't they? -Rocky
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    Management will never change, they will lie and try to do anything to make their numbers. Two more managers were terminated in my district over the last 2 weeks for fudging numbers, they never learn. Its comical to hear management talk about ethical behaviour and safety, if they only were smart enough to follow what they preach. Just do the job as instructed and the money follows!!! Remember safety first and you can't go wrong, it always give you an out.