3 days of peak


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I'd hate to be the guy that throws my peak season workload on other drivers or preloaders if I'm not legitimately sick.
That line of thinking is exactly what management is counting on....

Management that purposely creates the problem by understaffing to make more money for themselves.

Sorry but this peak looks to be like 2 years ago around here. 70 hour rule, 14 hour days, working every Saturday. Management has admitted it. The understaffing is coming from above. I dont really care who it comes from. Someone is screwing the hourlys this year to make more money for themselves.

I hope they have massive call ins and the plan crashes and burns.

Others calling in has no effect on my hours worked when they are already understaffing.

And I have a long history of never calling in...They burned that good will 2 years ago.


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can you get fired for calling in sick the first 3 days of peak season? have 10 sick days.

Highly doubt you'll be fire. Depends on your attendance. Where I am we get 7 sick days. If I were to call out the first 3 days of peak they would just complain and couldn't do a thing to me because my attendance is good.


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A driver who chooses to "bond" with their 11 month old "new"born during Peak is screwing each and every one of his co-workers. So much for the "brotherhood".
If UPS would properly staff as they did decades ago, and conveniently, just prior to a contract vote, no one would get screwed.

It is a huge lie propagated by management to pit driver against driver to shift the blame from the the ones who created the problem.

We even have management claim drivers are going out heavy because of call ins when they are simultaneously giving suck ups the day off.

I can hardly believe that long term drivers fall for this game. Your fellow union brothers are not the problem...greed is.