3 Lives 31 Days – The 70 Hour Week

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    Our Sacrifice deserves and demands your respect and consideration:

    Between June 12th and July 13th, the three of us lost our lives at the hands of UPS Drivers. Two were Package Car Drivers, the other was A UPS Freight Driver. Those of you with over 10 years of service we ask you, can you remember a 31 day period in your career in which 3 lives were taken?

    I was 8 years old the two others were 61[ii] and 25[iii] years old.

    We are asking you to stop and consider the impact of working a 70 hour work week on your safety and the safety of those around you. The DOT Laws regarding your hour of service were never intended for Package Car Drivers and the level of fatigue that is caused by getting into and out of your package cars 170 – 200 times a day let alone the 250 to 400 per day you do in your peak season.

    Please consider the impact on our family’s and the family’s of the drivers. You see there were not just 3 victims. The total impact of our deaths was felt by no less than 6 family’s.

    In Arpil 2018

    “The widower of a 65-year-old woman killed in a crash in Wyoming is suing the United Parcel Service and the driver of the truck that killed her… The Driver was charged shortly after the crash with vehicular homicide, but that charge was later dismissed…The complaint argues the negligence of the UPS semitrailer combination driver caused JoelAnne Berrigan's death and asks for "damages far (exceeding) $75,000."JoelAnne Berrigan died April 21 from injuries suffered in a crash.[iv]

    While UPS and your Union focus on the Financial incentives of this contract, they are effectively using misdirection so you don’t consider the other issues at hand…

    1. How much will the economic package be worth to you if you harm of kill someone in year 3 – 5

    2. How much of your pension will you receive if your fired for harm or fatality of another.

    3. How much will you lose if you get sued for damages Far Exceeding $75,000.

    4. Are you prepared to do time in jail if your charged with and found guilty of vehicular homicide.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    8-year-old girl on bike dies after being hit by UPS truck in Double Diamond area

    [ii] Delivery truck hits pedestrian in fatal accident

    [iii] Man killed on Pennsylvania Turnpike near Berks County
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    We should as Donald trump for help and his stacked supreme court.
  3. Wtf does that have to do with anything.
    Freaking maroon.
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    The 8 year old came out into the street and the Pa person crashed on the inside of a right hand corner and flipped... and the 2 passengers fled the sceene.

    What do these 2 have to do with hours worked?
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  5. Tony Q

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    He was voted for overwhelmingly by teamsters so drop him a lifeline. I'm sure he will help you out.
  6. You're trolling.
    To deflect from the garbage contract you're trying to push.

    Kill yourself
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  7. Tony Q

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    You want me to kill myself, more than I'm already killing myself to get you industry leading wages and benefits. Well, I will since it means so much to you, you are so thankful, and you aren't the least bit entitled. Thanks for the pep talk.
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  8. Yes.
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  9. Tony Q

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    Alright I will keep working hard for you. I need a favor though. What is your number one issue in this crappy contract that needs to be addressed?
  10. pusillanimous ass company shills coming on this website is my number one issue.
  11. Tony Q

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    What is your number two issue then?
  12. PT Car Washer

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    Not this Teamster.
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    Thats because she is dead. Trust me, with the coin you are bringing in, you could get way better than a 93 year old lady who passed away 4 years ago. I am going to have to stop up at the cemetery to make sure her grave is still intact.
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    I would think that would be a big indicator.
  19. I don't wanna think about grandma's V* hole...
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  20. Grandmas love me.
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