3 Numbers to Put UPS’s Profit in Perspective

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    3 Numbers to Put UPS’s Profit in Perspective - Motley Fool

    United Parcel Service is more than its bottom line.

    Profitability is important. It's the literal bottom line every investor needs to know -- but it isn't everything. Companies turn sales into profit in different ways. UPS stock has been hot and cold for investors over the past few years, and it's often tricky to pick which metrics matter most. For investors interested in understanding UPS's real bottom line, there's more to this megacorporation than many might imagine. Here are three numbers to put United Parcel Service's (NYSE: UPS) profit in perspective.
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    I like the quarterly dividends on a thousand shares.
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    I would love the money they. Spend on paper, printing out stupid reports.
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    I like how they spend $10.00 dollars to save a $.10.
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    There is no need to add the word "dollars" when you use the "dollar sign" ($).