3 paychecks - having trouble with 3rd one

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    I was hired back in June as a pt pre-loader in NJ. I don't have a checking account and signed up for the ADP total pay card - i got my training pay check via paper in the mail, as they laid me off 4 days later. They rehired me in July and I've been there a full 3 weeks now - I got my paycheck last week on a Thursday morning handed to me. This week I didn't see them passing out paper checks, nor did I get mine. I was told the problem will be taken care of by Tuesday - it better be - I'm going on vacation and I'm not working for free and I have bills to pay. The job itself is fine but the process of checks, etc has been stressful so far. I can't get ahold of anyone - it is Saturday and I am freaking out. I have my manager's phone number but I do not want to bother him on a day off or should I?

    My main question is, did anyone have problems getting their paycheck in the first couple of weeks? My HR lady said that I shouldn't cancle the card, as my check might just 'float around in internet space'.... by law, they have to get me my check by my next working day, correct? Because I'm about to throw a fit. My bills do not wait.

    I would be happy with receiving paper check every week if the card is just totally messed up. I can view my check online via UPSers.com - it was issued but where is it?
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe! Sorry to hear about your pay issue. I would open up a checking account ASAP so you can have your checks automatically deposited. Then lost in the mail or whatever happened won't be a problem in the future..Good luck!