3 year part timer do i recieve what they call an option week now

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by damagedbrown, Jan 19, 2010.

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    i'm a 3 years part timer, my check says 40 hours vacation and only 1 option day, shouldn't i have 3 option days plus what they call an option week (which i believe is 5 sick days and 2 personal days) and my 40 hours vacation,someone please tell me im right so i can have this corrected and also my buddy will be here for 3 years come this march will he also see these days appear on his check then, i know we both signed the sheet for those 3 options and we both took the seven day increments, any correct answers will truly be helpful
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    The number you see on your check for VAC, OPD, and OTH are not always correct. the number OPD, and OTH days vary by local see your steward of read you local supplement to the national contract. You should have 2 weeks VAC.
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    well just went thru southern region supplemental book and it does state what i say i just gotta be employed for 3 full calender years