30 day cover driver seniority

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    just curious as to what other centers determine a cover driver's 30 day seniority. i recieved mine in the year 2007 by driving 30 consecutive 8 hour work days. and to my understanding that was always the standard. here recently, i have been "bumped" by nearly 6 drivers due to the center changing the rules. over the past year, they have decided to allow delivering next day air packages go toward the 30 day seniority. it is very frustrating. i get to drive quite a bit (during the summer months and during peak). i feel like i am just continuing to spin my wheels and get absoblutly no where. sorry but it feels better to vent and i am curious as to what others have to say.
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    I think you need to discuss this with your steward and/or business agent. 30 day seniority is normally obtained by running the same route, usually a training route, for 30 days and then qualifying. I don't see where driving air should count toward the 30 days.
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    i agree....its just upsetting and frustrating to me that those guys and driving now while i am working preload loading trucks.
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    First thing tomorrow I would talk to my shop steward to see if you do have any recourse. If he says no or is unsure go over his head to the BA.

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    Sounds like u are a summer vacation coverage driver, and seasonal during peak. You still have part time senority I guess. If other members come over and learn how to drive and qualify, and they have more part time seinority than u and are coverage drivers just like you they will drive before you. So if you and them are the same kind of driver (coverage) when u got your 30 days in doesn't matter.
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    Are you a PT employee ( do you work the preload or local sort) ? If not your are a casual driver you don't get any senority. If your are a PT employee you need to check your local rider becasue where I'm at PT employee can not drive unless they are delivering SAT Air. Also in my area cover drivers are FT drivers mean they are guarenteed 8 hrs of work.
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    i am a part time employee.....i loaded the past three days....i am scheduled to drive tomorrow and friday....im just saying that other cover drivers like myself who are still considered part time, are gaining their 30 day seniority by driving next day air packages...i gained mine the way i feel is correct by driving a training route 30 consecutive days. i just dont feel its right that our center has changed the standard of gaining your 30 day seniority....i went to cover driving school in 2007...gained my 30 day seniority in 2007 by driving 30 days on a training route....a guy just went to driving school back in march....has more part time seniority than me....but they allowed him driving next day air packages during the week toward his 30 days...we have a 10:30 commit on next day air delivery in majority of areas. so he was driving at max an hour and a half and they was allowing that as a day toward his thirty....sorry if i am confusing anyone..