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    I'm an old retired UPSer. My 21 year old son just became a UPSer and very proud. He started as a P/T preloader in a new building. He was asked if he wanted to drive. He went to school and became a driver during peak. He made senority as a p/t while driving. You can imagine how crazy it is in a new building.
    Long story short: Has an oncar sup that rode with him 2 days in residentials.

    He was improving everyday. Last week (last week before 30 days up) he was given 2 malls with 57 business to deliver blind. Needless to say, he caught package fever and didn't do well. I went with him over the w/e and mapped the businesses. His sup is yelling and cussing him even though the sup has no clue how to deliver the malls.
    My son was improving daily with the mapped malls.

    Last night the sup and ctr mgr pulled him in an office and asked him what was wrong. My son told him he had never delivered mall businesses and was trying to learn them as fast as possible. They pulled the businesses back off him and gave him 172 residentials and was told if he did't finish them he was going back to preload. He finished them because he knew them.

    Today they loaded him up with nothing but businesses and was told to be back to the building by 5:30. His 60 hours will not be up by then. No one seems to know who the union steward is in the new building. He is afraid they will send him back to preload and have to wait his turn after a year for an opportunity to drive.

    The steward and other drivers will be out until 8:30 PM. What should he do. The 30 day packet was not followed.
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    I would find out who the union steward is and who the local union rep is. The local union info HAS to be posted in the building somewhere. Also tell him to ask to see his packet. I never once saw mine and even had to ask if i had completed it. From what i have been told , your first few days or couple weeks (not 100%) you are supposed to only go out with so many stops, and then they add so many after so many days.
    We have problems like this in my building where they send you out blind or with lack of training and just expect you to excel on day 1 and somehow know where everything is.
    Best advice i can give is to find the local union info and give the rep a call.
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    Thanks. He will
  4. Tired of the Bee S

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    No problem hope everything works out
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    And file a grievance if you think it's the right thing to do and won't harm your son.
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    Hope it doesn't go that far. Might have too.
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    That's a shame. They actually give the green gunners a chance to make book at my center
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    They can't disqualify him once he's already qualified. Grieve grieve grieve.
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    Thank you
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    Seems about right. At our center they will train you on a certain area and then start giving you half of a different route. "What took you so long!? You're not gonna make it at this pace." newbies going in blind and sometimes after dark. What the :censored2: you expect
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    Supposed to keep you in the same area through the whole packet. They cant or should I say, shouldn't give the driver in training, a different area. Find out what the route perimeters are for the normal bid driver. It also shouldn't deviate to much from day to day. Also, if the put him on a different route, he's made book on that very day automatically.

    The goal is to be able to run scratch by the end of the 30 days, no late air, no missed deliveries, no bona fide customer complaints, and no accidents or injuries.

    He should have found out and been in contact with the steward or BA before starting the packet to get advice through it all. If management for one reason or another despise you and don't want you as a driver AND they know you have no knowledge of the collective bargaining contract, its pretty much case closed.

    If you are very well informed and do everything by the book, theres no reason they should not qualify you. But, during the 30 day packet is pretty much the only time you've gotta be mindful of your performance out on road and do EVERYTHING 110%. And to ALWAYS COVER YOUR :censored2:!!!!

    Best of luck to your son, let us know how everything turns out.
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    I'm about half way through my packet. Last week I rolled through a stop sign leaving a business park with no traffic in sight. I almost had a heart attack when I saw a cop that surely saw me do it. I didn't get pulled over, but would I get DQed if I had gotten a ticket. Thanks for the input and no, i will never do that again.
  13. Brownslave688

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    How are you people qualifying during peak?
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    Don't know why but it's been stressful to say the least. Thank God there hasn't been too much snow.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes, you would have been DQ'd had you gotten a ticket.

    Cops are usually pretty lenient toward commercial drivers.
  16. ClownInBrown

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    Thanks for the info. Everyone talks about accidents and injuries not tickets. Thankfully this officer was cool. I guess I've gotta be more careful.
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    I thought it is free period. Cannot start your 30 days during peak. Weird.
  18. Gumby

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    If you are a union employee,you can qualify durring peak.Rules are applied differently,to everyone.