30 day Probation question

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    Is there any circumstance where the 30 day probation period is waived for full-time driving? I've heard different things from people on this topic. Some say if you have drivin 3 seasonals or have done vacation coverage driving then you have no 30 day probation when you get your full-time shot. Others say it's completely up to the center manager.
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    To qualify, you still have to drive 30 out of 90 days and run under .20 over allow the final 3 days, with no concerns.. My center manager threw a bunch of other hurdles in there, but I did it all to keep under the radar... I was a part timer and seasonal driver for 4 years and still had to do it.. Everyone does..
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    That's not true. I did my 30 days as a air driver. No thirty for me when I turned full time. The thirty days is a one time gig. No repeats. I don't care what stories management is telling, again.

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    were u a full time air driver? That actually seems strange here. As long as you have qualified in 30 days in 90 you should be all set.