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    I am going to start driving as a full time driver next week, but some people are telling me that the 30 day probation is hard because i have not driven before. Also they are telling me to start driving saturday air so i can get familiar with the truck and the diad. do you think it is possible to make the 30 days without any experience driving in ups?
    thank you
  2. klein

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    That's how it's done up north - but 1 accident - your fired.
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    Your 30 day probation period is going to be a little longer than 30 days. NO ONE can make seniority during OCT, NOV or DEC. You will be on probation untill DEC 31.

    Don't let anyone scare you you don't need any experience well except the ability to drive a stick. 90 percent of the drivers working at UPS never drove for UPS as a Sat air driver. Just don't get into an accident and do the best you can if you have questions ask.

    I didn't have any experience either and I didn't have a problem with my 30 days.
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    Just be safe hustle and try to spend the least amount of time possible in the back of the truck. Good luck