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  1. Brown n Tan

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    I'm interviewing tomorrow and I'm looking at the calendar in the near future...a few questions: if I'm interviewed tomorrow (part time handler) and let's say I get the job., typically, 1. Would I start in a week? A month? The next day?
    2. How long is PT handler orientation? 1 shift? 1 week?
    Thanks, D
  2. upschuck

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    After you pass a couple interviews, you get put on a hire list, that list may be short(most likely very short) or long, depending on current turnover rate at that building.

    I believe orientation is about 3 days at my building.
  3. Brown n Tan

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    Ok, anyone experience starting the 30-day probation prior to the holidays then still needing a few days to finish the 30-day period after the holidays to get in the union? Will I be totally abused for Nov-Dec and or will I be laid off right after Christmas, I mean I don't THINK it's a seasonal position as far as I know. Just want to be sure if I work through the holidays that I have some assurance of getting past the 30 days shortly after Christmas.
  4. Brown n Tan

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    Thanks chuck, I'm trying to figure out if I'd make 30 days before 10/15 is all. Otherwise i gotta finish it out after 1/10/16.
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    Im not sure of your classification . But part time handler I think they usually cut you right after holiday . If you want to make it past the holiday. Which is rare that they keep anyone after the holidays. I was really lucky they kept me but I did every jump every sure post odd end job at the center I could.

    You will usually get a few hours then they bounce you off the route and on to the next jumper. This doesn't always last long. Meaning jumpers quit fast. When that happens offer to take that jumpers spot too while you are still doing your morning jump too. Now you are getting 6 hrs instead of 3.

    When they need help at preload offer up your help then go jumping after done w that shift now your getting 10 hrs a day. Preload u would most likely do sure post . or stackout for pre loaders .

    It's all hard work. But it pays off .
    I was a jumper last season first time ever w ups. I knew nothing probably still don't either. I did exactly what I told u to do. I'm in a smaller center. But come day after all jumpers were gone expect a few. Then the following week all but me left. And some of these guys busted butt hard.

    Jan 5 I was let go and hired the next day. I was just a call in then. Meaning pre loader didn't want to work I filled in . clerk got sick I filled in. Any job I said yes travel to any center yes I did that too to fill in. Then 3 months later my time came. I got a job on local sort .
  6. PT Car Washer

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    In my building UPS will tell you if you are a permanent or seasonal hire. After last year we have a lot of Nov and Dec seniority dates because UPS only hired permanent PT. Never seen that before. Yes you can gain seniority during the seasonal period depending on if you are hired as permanent or as seasonal.
  7. Box Ox

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    I think a start date at least 2 weeks out from the interview is likely. If they like you at the interview and need somebody now, they'll run a background check for the final OK. And I'm pretty sure the background check is outsourced to some Indian company. They do call your references and ask about your work. Once that process is done I imagine they give UPS a thumbs up or down. Then you get a call from your HR person telling you to come in on whatever day.

    Orientation was 1 day where I am. Then a sup jumps into load or unload with you for the first few days to train you.

    There is the possibility that the company might be lining up seasonal candidates early this year in order to do more with less. PT Car Washer could very well be right about being hired as permanent or seasonal from the get-go.

    Having a history as a good seasonal jumper/helper seems to help your chances of being brought or kept on. Driver feedback to HR seems to be more influential than how well you were buried in packages as a seasonal loader meat piece. I've had fantastic helpers that I'd give enthusiastic thumbs up for if they ever wanted a permanent gig and HR came asking.
  8. PT Car Washer

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    PT jr. filled out an on line application on Wednesday and was loading trailers Monday afternoon. My 37 years had nothing to do with it as he did not use my name and I have not said that we are related to avoid retaliation. Been there a year and going strong.
  9. Brown n Tan

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    Im gonna take my chances and go through the interview tomorrow and ask several questions to feel out the seasonal/permanent thing. I'll post tomororw(if I remember) how it went. Thanks for the advice. Last thing...as a package handlers, are the bennies worth the 1year wait??
  10. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    If only there was a way to find out if all of these questions have been asked before.
  11. PT Car Washer

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    The one year wait are definitely worth the wait. Full medical and dental coverage for yourself and family. Two weeks paid vacation and paid holidays. The money isn't great l but the benefits will make up for it.
  12. FrigidFTSup

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    Depends on need. Generally in my area you are interviewed and either hired on the spot, or put on a list for potential hires next time need arises. If you are hired on the spot usually you start within 2-3 days.
    Depends on the individual. We aren't granted a lot of training time. Unfortunately UPS is big on learning on the fly. You should have a sup with you at least most of the first day, and then they will slowly start making you do more and more.
    In my building we don't have a seniority freeze. All days are counted towards seniority if you are hired as Perm PT.
    The pay sucks and it's tough work, but you won't get the benefits anywhere else.

    OP when I started as an hourly I was hired when I went to the interview. Started working 2 days later. From what I've seen with my new hires that's generally how we do it, at least in my area. But we're tiny, and I have no idea what the size of your building is.