30 driver book sent in on day 28


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There is no such thing as an extension.
This depends on the local. I have not seen it, but it has been posted by enough others, that it is obviously a thing somewhere. The OP has posted enough that I suspect that no extension is going to be offered. They pulled him off the road to make sure that he did not make seniority by mistake.


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There is no such thing as an extension. Ask your union. If your driving over 30days you will automatically be qualified.
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My local just gave three drivers on the bubble of qualifying a fifteen day extension. All three came from inside the building and had the union not agreed they would have been DQ’d. Now they get a chance to make it still and we’ve had guys do this before and make it.


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In my Supplement it’s 30 days driving in a 120 calendar period (As long as it’s not during Nov 15-Jan15th). It does not need to be consecutively driving. They’ve screwed themselves over by telling drivers on probation that they didn’t make it, but hey go “utility driving” and then they still end up passing.


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I’m on day 11 and they only had filled out 3 days in my book. Which was the first 3 days with the supervisor. Ever since then I’ve been on my own. I’m not sure if and when they will use my book to write in. I’m a M-F package car driver seasonal hoping to get full time .