30 years? NO WAY Lennon shot

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by DS, Dec 8, 2010.

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    I was in high school and during PE our student coaches assistant had us bow our heads in silence. Being a huge Beatles fan this was obviously an emotional time for her.

    A short time later when Colonel Sanders passed away a smart alec student called for a moment of silence which brought for quite a bit of laughter and set forth hatred from the coaches assistant that lasts to this day.
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    Howard Cosell announced in on Moinday Night Football, I remember it, I was hanging out with my dad as he watched the game.

    Strange days indeed.
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    MNF with my Daddy....too.
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    I was at work. Crappy job assembling infrared pyrometers. Radio played Beatles songs the rest of the week. I hate the Beatles....
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    Over has his own taste in music:wink2:
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    I was listening to sports talk on the way to work yesterday and they were talking about John amd Yoko.Specifically Yoko's singing.One of the announcers stated he preferred the dog's barking jingle bells rather than listening to Yoko. LOL

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    I didn't want to bring up Yoko....but since you already did.....You know the sound a piglet makes when you catch it.......SQUEAL...WEEEEEEE !!!! That's the sound of Yoko's voice!
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    Yes, but her extreme hotness makes up for her singing....

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    nuff said.......
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    Ewww!! I don't get it. I just don't get it !