30 years of service 25 years safe driving.

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    Today we had three drivers get thier 30 years service awards. This consisted of an on road stacking them up with about 12 others telling the center in a PCM about them and then telling all 15 drivers to go get their award.... AMAZING! This is how we show respect for a 30 year career at UPS? Two of these men are in the circle of honor. We work in the building housing the district manager, they like to tell us he is only 22 steps away. So he couldnt be bothered to walk down 22 steps to show recognition for 30 year employees? And they wonder why drivers have a bad attitude.
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    His fat ass probably couldn't walk down 22 steps without getting hurt!
  3. OPTION3

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    ​Its 22 steps to the crapper as well!
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    Depends. Say no more.
  5. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    Same at my center.2 30 years and a 35 year. The dispatcher (who was in browns for some reason ,probubly to take out a full route) and no higher or other management at all around, one of the 30 year awards fell off table onto the ground and no one bothered to even pick it up, there also was a founders day cake in a box with paper plates next to it with absolutely no cutting utincils, no spatula , and plastic forks that broke when they went into cake. A sad, sad, sad display
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    Too busy cutting routes and increasing the stops per car. Pulling numbers out of your :censored2: and telling other people to meet them can be hard work.

    Truth be known, I am closing in on the milestone and his presence would only be a distraction. I plan to get some handshakes and a pat on the back from my co-workers. He is not my co-worker.
  7. Brownslave688

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    From what I understand ALL centers were instructed to give out their service awards on founders day. To me it means that much less when they just pile them all together and name everyone off real quick.
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    Guy at my center retired with 30 years and on his last day he walked out like any other night without anyone saying a word. I didn't know him that well but still thanked him and gave him a hand shake.
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    You got cake?
  10. nicky

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    I know one driver that threw his last award which was 20+ years of safe driving in the trash after it was handed to him by a safety committee member who EVERYONE hated, and had maybe 7 years on the road.
  11. 728ups

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    I am all for UPS being profitable,but I really miss the days of the DM taking a 30 year driver and his wife to dinner,as well as the Circle of Honor annual dinner.
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    We didn't get any cake here......
  13. nicky

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    We got a "healthy alternative"
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    Contrary to disbelief, profit should not be considered a dirty word, after all that's how people get paid. But, in retrospect, there is a time and place for everything. I remember when Founders' Day was a really big thing. It was a day to reflect upon the longevity of UPS ( I' m not so sure upon that in the future), how it had survived through a number of severe recessions and the "Great Depression". It was a day to reflect upon the hard work of the previous generation of UPSer's that provided for the company's strength and stability to provide a good job (nobody said it was easy) for the current generation and, the future generation was hoping the same would happen for them. To me that was the essence of the day and a reason to celebrate. No cake? Hell, it's a tax write off anyway, at least until the government takes that away. As for giving out safe driving awards and years of service awards....those are special days to those individuals and should never be incorporated into Founders' Day. The idiot who came up with that bonehead idea, whether it be on a district, regional or corporate level should be slapped on the side of his or her head. Bet that person never put on a set of browns in their life. I'll just end my rant at this point.
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    ​It's for those 300 lb'ers in your center!
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    Sounds like my last day:thumbdown
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    Where's the morale at you guys?
  18. bmwmc

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    This kind of sterilization of corporate character started when they went public. Its all about the shareholder and to some extent grooming the company for a take over or purchase by another company. Hard to find suitors for a highly unionized company with massive pension obligation but its been done before. I can see a corporate raider coming in and doing what they did at Eastern Airlines buying UPS then carving it up. Founders day, employee recognition, and awards are discontinued or disparaged because upper management doesn't give a rats-ass about them.:cold:
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    That would be a real blast.
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    My 30 years of service came and went 3 weeks ago,no award,no mention of it by anybody.Thats ok,I know this is a different company and to them I am just old and need to go away.I will soon provide them with their wish and never look back...