39 years later....

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    ...and the stairs on the house I grew up in still look the same.

    Long story short; thru a wild coincidence, the Facebook friend of a Facebook friend bought the house that I grew up in and posted a picture of it a couple years ago on one of the rare days that I ever bothered to even look at Facebook. I messaged her to congratulate her and tell her that I grew up in that house. She extended an invitation to my wife and I to see the house if we were ever down there in Coos Bay OR, which is about 4 hrs from my current home. The house was built in 1909 and she is beginning the long process of restoring it with the goal of getting it into the National Register of Historic Places. My wife and I made a trip down to the coast over the weekend and took her up on the offer. I had not set foot in the house since my dad sold it in 1985, so it was truly a trip down memory lane.

    The first pic is me standing on the front steps on my first day of first grade, taken on Tuesday, September 4th 1973. The second pic was taken on those same steps almost 39 years later, on Saturday July 21st 2012. Times change, people get old and fat and grey, but concrete steps look the same!

  2. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    While we were down there I took these pics of Shore Acres park just to the south of Coos Bay. The Southern Oregon coast is truly an amazing and beautiful place. I remember going to this park as a kid during winter storms to watch giant waves smash the rocks and spray hundreds of feet inland.
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    I get the feeling you could run up and down those steps quicker when you were in the 1st grade than you could now.:-) All those years and that 1st step still wasn't repaired!
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    Do you still have the shirt from 73?
    My mother must have shopped at the same store as yours.