3rd break??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by chance, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. chance

    chance New Member

    I believe I've seen in past posts someone mentioning a 3rd break after 10/12 hrs. Anyone know if this is true???
  2. 3 done 3 to go

    3 done 3 to go In control of own destiny

    There has always been a 20 min break after 10 hrs. It is unpaid.
  3. raceanoncr

    raceanoncr Well-Known Member

    Where you get this? It certainly ain't here and not in Master Contract.
  4. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    And it's a 10 minute paid break after 10 hours here in Norcal.
  5. VTBrown

    VTBrown Member

    In New England it's a 20 minute bonus after 10 hours. It's not a break...it's a 20 minute time bonus added to your total for going over 10. It was to take place of forcing someone to sit out there even longer to get the added break in.
  6. yurgref

    yurgref New Member

    Its the state law in California that you receive a third 10 min break paid after being on the clock for more then 10 hours - so unless you work in California you are out of luck
  7. VTBrown

    VTBrown Member


    Out of luck unless he's in CA? Seems like ours is better as 20 minutes of free time is given to us.
  8. 3 done 3 to go

    3 done 3 to go In control of own destiny

    This is in the upstate NY supplement.
  9. Big Babooba

    Big Babooba Well-Known Member

    This varies by supplement. In the New England Supplement, an employee gets a 20 minute time bonus paid at the overtime rate if they work 10 hours. We used to get a paid 20 minute break after 10 hrs but that was changed in the 90's. We still get the 20 minutes pay, we just don't have to actually take the actual break any more.:)